What are your favourite UK haircare products?

Q Your favourite UK hair products? What’s your favourite..?

A My favourite products are L’Oreal professional which are found all over the UK. Within L’Oreal there are different brand products as an example Kerastase and Tecni.Art, they are both excellent but can only be bought in L’Oreal hair salons, and there are at least 500 salons in England that stock it.

My favourite products from L’Oreal are Hot Iron finish and Hot Style Constructor, the first is a cream based product that helps smooth your hair and protect against a hairdryer and hot irons, this product works when you activate it with a hot appliance, it makes your hair look shiny and smooth.

The Hot Style Constructor comes in a can and you simply spray it on to your hair, this is not as strong as the hot iron finish, so if your hair is a little thin or gets greasy quickly then this is the product for you, the affects are very similar to the hot iron finish.

“This question was answered by Stuart Phillips on Yahoo answers UK & Ireland.”

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