My hair is a greasy problem!?

Q It doesn’t do it all the time it kind of go’s through stages, its mostly round the top front where my parting is. I’ve tried everything, different shampoos etc, but I have a problem with shampoos maybe that’s it? I can’t use Tresemme, I used to be able to but now if I use it my hair go’s greasy soon after.

If I use Pantene I feel my hair going greasy in the shower. I used to love vo5 elixir I could wash my hair everyday and it wouldn’t get greasy, but now it’s starting to get greasy again. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks x

A The reason why your hair isn’t greasy all the time is probably due to life style, for example; what you eat can make a huge difference on your hair, (try to cut out most greasy foods) if you become stressed, if you perspire (and we can’t help rushing around) and the everyday pollutants all this can produce more natural oils.

Greasiness can be especially troublesome on shorter hair because the scalp produces much the same amount of grease whatever your hair style, very short hair offers a smaller area over which the grease can spread.

You mentioned that your hair is more greasy towards the front, are you thoroughly washing out all the shampoo and or conditioner? Are you using a hair product and placing too much in the root area? Do you often put your hands in your hair, (a lot of people don’t realise that they do this) if this is the case the more you touch the more greasy your hair will become.

It’s not good to wash your hair twice a day (as some people do) because it encourages the sebaceous glands to work even harder by producing even more oil, problem is people with greasy hair need to wash it very frequently, so how does one overcome this problem?

If you use a shampoo which is fairly strong towards removing excess oils you will find that it will strip too much and therefore will release even more and make your hair greasy again, the trick is to find a shampoo that gently removes your natural oil, (the best shampoos for greasy hair are specially formulated to remove natural grease without damaging the hair shaft) for this sort of shampoo it’s better to buy from a hair salon where you have a choice of professional shampoos and you will also be given great advice to which shampoo you should buy. The prices for professional shampoos (as an example L’Oreal Professional, Redken and Aveda) are generally more expensive than the ones you have mentioned above but the benefits are, they last for longer, are of better ingredients and generally better for dealing with greasy hair.

When you have chosen the correct shampoo and if you need to still wash your hair every day then I would recommend that you only wash it once, massage the shampoo in for roughly 20 seconds then rinse out, if your hair is dry at the ends then make sure you only place the conditioner there and not on the roots, leave on for around 5 seconds then rinse out thoroughly, finish off with a cool rinse as this will help to close the cuticles.

“This question was answered by Stuart Phillips on Yahoo answers UK & Ireland.”

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