How to get a Cheryl Cole hairstyle

Q How can I do Cheryl Cole’s hairstyle in this picture? I really like the way she has her hair in this picture of her and Danni… Any tips on how I can achieve this look?? Thanks.

A Cheryl Cole used to come to my hair salon in Covent Garden, so I understand her hair really well, To get your hair similar to Cheryl’s in this photo, first blow-dry your hair straight or leave it slightly wavy it doesn’t really matter.

Take a triangle section from the outside corners of your eyebrows, then work back into a point (about 2-2/1 inches back) then start at the back of the triangle (the point) take a horizontal section (from ear to ear) and backcomb the side that is facing you (do not backcomb the part that you can see in the mirror as this will need to look neat from the front, then take the next section and do the same thing, you’re probably only have about four sections to backcomb.

Then very gently with a brush, brush or use a comb and sleek back the outside of the hair (the part that you can see in the mirror), do not brush out all the backcomb, then very slightly drag the whole triangle section forward, you can twist slightly if you want as that helps to make the quiff slightly bigger (if needed), keep looking in the mirror to see how big you would like the quiff, if you have a long face I wouldn’t pull it forward to much as you do not want to make your face appear longer, in this photo it looks like a small quiff, once it looks about right hold the end piece that was in your hand and place a grip horizontally to hold it.

Take a small piece of hair from one side above your ear (if it’s not enough take a little more, you can tell by looking in the mirror) and pull it back to where you placed the grip and place another grip to hold that hair, do the same on the other side.

The pieces you take back will also hide the end of the triangle section that you took.

This will give you one of Cheryl Cole’s looks.

“This question was answerd by Stuart Phillips on Yahoo answers UK & Ireland.”

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