How long does it take hair to grow 6 inches?

Q How long does it take hair to grow 6 inches?

A Very roughly hair grows around 1/2 inch a month, by next January it should be around six inches longer, but  if your hair is fast growing then maybe a little before.

Some hair growth advice:

  1. Make sure (even though you are growing your hair) that you have a small amount trimmed off the ends, at least once every twelve weeks because you need to keep the outline length of your hair straight, thick and healthy.
  2. Use a deep moisturising treatment once a week.
  3. Limit the use of hot irons to no more than once a week; do not hold the irons in one place on the hair for more than a second, keep the irons moving or this will eventually snap your hair.
  4. What you eat will effect on how well your hair grows.

Healthy hair growth requires a wide variety of vitamins. Your hair reflects the general state of your health. If you’re too busy to eat a healthy diet, and you have lots of stress in your life, your hair will show it.

B Vitamins are important for healthy hair, these are usually found in whole grains, fresh fruit, brewer’s yeast, eggs, fish, turkey, meat, and milk, it is always better to try and eat a balanced diet rather than taking supplements, but they can certainly help as part of a balanced diet.

Good luck on growing your hair.

“This question was answerd by Stuart Phillips on Yahoo answers UK & Ireland.”

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