How do I achieve this style?

Q How do I make my hair look like this, the sort of sexy messy look?

A There are two possibilities on how to achieve this look depending on your natural hair texture to start with.

If your hair’s natural texture has a wave or slight curl, then this will be the easiest option, after you have washed your hair, place about two golf ball sizes of mousse in your hair, turn your head upside down and scrunch using a diffuser, the less wavy your hair is the longer you will need to hold your hair in your hand while scrunching, (this will achieve a little more curl, otherwise it will straighten in no time) the more curly your hair the less time needed scrunching and slightly more time will be spent holding the diffuser next to your hair. Once your hair is dry take a little more mousse and scrunch it into your hair without the dryer, this will help give it a more tasseled look. Finally, with your head upside down gently shuffle your hands through your hair (this will help break up some of the curl) and spray with hairspray.

If your hair is almost straight you can still achieve this look, if it’s poker straight it will be a little harder to achieve but still possible, (you would need to use more hairspray) after washing your hair place about two golf ball sizes of mousse in your hair, then rough dry using your hands rather than a brush until it’s 100% dry, next spray a little hairspray on a small piece of hair about 1/2 an inch wide, use a small to medium sized pair of tongs, (there’s a certain way that you need to use the tongs to achieve the right kind of curl), open out the tongs and from close to your roots start wrapping your hair around the tongs, make sure you wrap along the tongs and not over the same piece of hair, (do not wrap the tongs around the hair as you will achieve the wrong texture), hold the tongs on your hair for about 10 seconds, then carefully unravel.

When you have curled all your hair, with your head upside down gently work your fingers through, just so the curl is not too neat, then use a little hairspray, wait about 10 seconds for the spray to dry, then lift your head up.

It doesn’t matter if your hair goes a little frizzy after you’ve rough dried it because once you’ve curled it with tongs any slight frizz that you may see will work fine with the style, giving it that messy textured curl.

“This question was answered by Stuart Phillips on Yahoo answers UK & Ireland.”

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