How can I stop my hair from always going static?

Q I take a shower everyday in the morning, right before school. I use conditioner. But when I get to school, it’s puffy and it’s always stuck on my face. Please help?

A By the sounds of it your hair is probably quite fine and fairly straight, fine hair tends to stick to the sides of your face as you suggested. When you take your shower try not to wash your hair every day, unless your hair is very greasy I would wash it every other day as this will help reduce the static.

Make sure you are using the best possible shampoo for your hair as the wrong product will cause static, not sure if you’re aware but a lot of people think that a good conditioner is the most important thing but it isn’t the correct shampoo is more important, if you’re not sure which one to buy I would go to a hair salon to purchase rather than a drugstore (although it will be a little more expensive) all receptionist’s and of course hairdressers will know the correct products for your hair.

Do not use a serum as this will make your hair greasy I would use a cream product a very light one and use about the size of a marble, work it into the mid lengths and ends, then with the remainder that’s left on your hands place into the roots, but this will only be a tiny amount of product as you do not want to make your roots greasy.

If you leave your hair to dry naturally comb your hair in place with the product in your hair By leaving your hair to dry naturally this is a great way to help reduce static but sometimes it’s probably not practical to leave it like this, in this instance make sure you do not over dry your hair or use any other form of heat like hot irons as this would make your hair fly everywhere.

People generally touch their hair through the day, I would be aware of this because the more you touch it the more static will build up.

If you leave a tiny amount of conditioner in your hair but not in the roots this can slightly way your hair down and stop it sticking to your face but make sure the conditioner you use can be left on, it should say on the front of the product.

“This question was answered by Stuart Phillips on Yahoo answers UK & Ireland.”

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