Help! My wife’s hair is falling out

Q My wife’s hair is falling out. My wife is 49 years old. She used to have nice hair. in the past 18 months she started losing her hair on daily basis. She ran all type of blood tests but all results came out normal. Her blood pressure is normal with no diabetes. What could be the problem? Thank you.

A Apart from being a professional hairdresser I also know a lot about food and the affects of stress. There could be a number of reasons but let’s start with the hair itself.

On average one can easily lose about 500 hairs a day, if your wife’s hair is longer now than it used to be that can look worse as 500 long hairs that you find in the bath can look horrendous, but 500 shorter hairs don’t look as bad.

As one gets older the hair does start to look a little thinner due to the hair follicles not growing back quite as fast or/and the hair follicles are becoming brittle due to either hair colouring, or just everyday wear and tear.

Stress can also affect our hair and skin, when someone is stressed it seems to attack our hair in a big way, although it’s normal to lose on average 500 a day (which can change slightly in different climates) the stress seems to speed up this process by losing more than average and your hair follicles normally replaces the hair that falls out with new hair, but if this process is falling out faster due to stress then the new hair can’t grow fast enough to replace it, so in a matter of months the hair starts to look thinner.

This process can reverse so once the stress levels go down with-in a few months it’s very possible for your wife’s hair to become slightly thicker, but remember its normal for your hair to thin out as we get older.

It might be a good time for your wife to think about having a new hair style, as this may help to make her hair look thicker and healthier. I’m a believer of healthy eating and know that can have a beneficial part to play with our hair.

B Vitamins are important for healthy hair, these are usually found in whole grains, fresh fruit, brewer’s yeast, eggs, fish, turkey, meat, and milk, I would still eat plenty of vegetables as this is so important for many other functions of our body, I would try and eat 4-5 different coloured vegetables a day.

It’s always better to try and eat a balanced diet rather than taking supplements, but they can certainly help as part of a balanced diet.

I hope I have been of help, if you would like to know anything else please ask.

“This question was answered by Stuart Phillips on Yahoo answers UK & Ireland.”

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