Hairdressers! What hairstyle would suit me?

Q Hairdressers! What hairstyle would suit me? I have a roundish face, I personally think I have a big forehead (although others don’t) and I have a little bit of a double chin, my hair is naturally quite straight.

I have been growing my hair out over the past year. I usually get it shaped round my face but that has grown out quite a bit and I can tuck the fringe behind my ears now, it reaches my top lip if I wear it like a fringe. the length of the rest of my hair is about 2 inches past my shoulders and the shortest layer is now just past my ears.

I always seem to get a layered one length bob type style, I want something a bit modern, nothing too short either…  what do you think would suit me?

A Although you have described how your hair is cut, the best way is to receive a proper hair consultation from your hairdresser,  maybe you’ve tried that and your still not happy, I will do my best from the information you have given.

You mention that the shape of your face is round, let’s start with that.

If your hair is either cut too short or if you grow it very long that can tend to make your face appear more round, reason being with a short style your face shape will show more thus it will look rounder, the longer style will just look a bit flat and tend to hang when your hair passes your face this will also tend to show the roundness a bit more, even a layered bob can give the appearance of your face looking rounder (or more square, depending on your face shape) because if your hair falls forward it can tend to fall under your chin creating a rounder shape.

A double chin could possibly show a little more if you don’t have any hair around your neck line, meaning if it’s cut too short), short fringes is also a big no because people with round shape faces generally have a small but slightly wider face and the fringe will make your face too short in length and accentuate the roundness, we’re now beginning to eliminate certain lengths and styles for reasons mentioned above.

If you like the feel of having a certain amount of hair but also something more modern, then this is the style I feel will suit.

I would start by cutting around two inches off at the back, then when the line of your hair touches your shoulders I would round the shape going up across your shoulders blades, do not think that because I mentioned the word round that it will make your face appear rounder because it won’t, the point of rounding it up (so the sides is about one to two inches shorter than the back) is to give you a very feminine and sexy shape so when you move your head the hair will have a nice swing to it, if we leave the shape at the back square or even longer towards your face that will tend to make the shape a little boring.

For your fringe I would keep it long but shorter than you have it now, when your fringe is combed out I would chop into the hair so the scissors are pointing upwards, this will make it soft and textured, I would cut it about nose length, you could either be able to tuck it all back as you have been doing, although I would show it off a bit more and leave some out, you could also leave it all out and push some of it to one side, there are so many ways to style your fringe.

I would grow the layers a bit longer about another two inches, which would bring it slightly closer to the back length, if your layers are too short this will tend to round your face and possibly give it too much body, body is good but lower down would be better, I would slice and chop into all your layers, (this will give the layers a more modern feel), if the chopping and slicing is done correctly you will lose very little off the length of your layers.

When you come to style it, blow-dry as normal, when your hair is completely dry, take a section of hair across your parting (horizontally) starting at the crown and roll it around your  brush, spray a small amount of hairspray and hold the dryer on it for about five seconds, leave to cool down for a further five seconds then gently unravel the hair from the brush, take the next section across your parting just in front of your last section and repeat, keep doing this until you run out of hair, include your fringe as well. Drying your hair this way will help make your parting area a little fuller and will also give you the illusion of more height, thus eliminating some roundness to your face.

“This question was answered by Stuart Phillips on Yahoo answers UK & Ireland.”

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