Does hair conditioner actually work?

A Now, that is a question! I sell many different hair conditioner brands in my Covent Garden salon and clients are always asking me if conditioner will make a big difference. It does make a difference but possibly not how you may have thought!


Conditioners do contain some good oils that will help balance your pH level for your scalp and hair. The pH level of your hair determines how dry or greasy your hair will be.


Each hair is also made up of dead skin cells wrapped around a cuticle layer, so you cannot correct this by applying conditioner BUT it does add an ingredient called Cationic Surfactant, this is what holds the dead skin cells and cuticle layers tight together, thus helping to make your hair feel and look silky and smooth rather than frizzy looking.


After you have washed your hair the oils in the conditioner help detangle your hair because after your hair is clean (as you are aware) it can become extremely knotted. This is what the oils are for, they are like a lubricant that smooth out the coated hair making it easier to get a comb through without ripping out clumps of hair.


Finally, you can use conditioner every time that you wash your hair or just on its own.


If you wash your hair 3 times a week and your hair is greasy and fine, or just very fine I would recommend that you use it on the ends roughly twice a week and comb it through once a week.


Leave the conditioner on for around 30 seconds to a minute, anymore will not help your hair.

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