Does anyone know a good hair conditioner?

Q Does anyone know a good hair conditioner? I’ve dyed my hair so many times; a hairdresser even said my hair is strong considering the stuff I’ve used on my hair, bleach, peroxide, shop dye etc… But now it’s starting to break and the hairdresser has told me to use a conditioner and leave it in for about 1 hour, but she told me to get one that will not leave my hair greasy anybody know any good ones from Boots? (Boots is all I have in my town)

A To be honest your hair is so damaged that using a conditioner at this stage will not work, the reason being a conventional conditioner will not penetrate that deep and that is exactly what you need, my advice to you is this:

  1. Make sure you have as much as possible cut even if it’s just off the ends.
  2. Use a shampoo for dry damaged hair, Boots will sell this.
  3. Stop colouring and bleaching your hair at least until you have repaired a lot of the damage.
  4. Instead of a conditioner go for a deep conditioning treatment, this is far better as it will penetrate deep into the hair shaft, from here it deposits protein and moisture and that is exactly what will help repair your hair, boots will also sell this.

This is the best way to apply the treatment, after you have washed your hair with the appropriate shampoo, towel dry it, if your hair is roughly shoulder length then use about two marbles worth of treatment (adjust accordingly depending on length) work it into your mid lengths and ends then gently comb it through and finally work it into the root area, because your hair is breaking I would advise using it on your roots, normally you find the root area is greasy so you avoid that area but in your case I would still use it, then rap some cling film or use a swimming hat and place that over the treatment, you then place a towel on top of that, the cling film or swimming hat stops it rubbing off onto the towel and the towel helps to open up the hair cuticles by keeping your head warm and so the treatment works better.

You only need to keep the treatment on for around 15 minutes, reason being the treatment will only be absorbed into the hair so much then it stops, some people keep it on all night, all that does is mess up your pillow.

You will need to use it very regularly at least twice a week, don’t feel disappointed if after the first couple of applications you can’t see any difference because remember your hair will only absorb a little at a time so you can understand why you have to use it regularly, I would recommend that you continue to use it for at least three months.

“This question was answered by Stuart Phillips on Yahoo answers UK & Ireland.”

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