Different ways to wear curly hair or ways to keep it straight!?

Q I want to try something different with my hair for a birthday night out. I have naturally curly hair so I always wear it down and curly when I go out so I would love some advice on others ways I could wear it. I would love to wear it straight but it goes curly or wavy as soon as I get outside or get hot. Do you have suggestions on product that would stop it from doing this and different styles I could wear it?

A I personally wouldn’t bother spending time trying to straighten your hair and I definitely wouldn’t use hot irons because the moment you get warm your hair will react and become wavy and parts of it will revert back to curly, there are products which will help minimize this but inevitably it will become wavy again, most importantly hot irons will eventually brake your hair especially if you get hooked on them and end up using them every day.

I think you are possibly thinking about this the wrong way, what I suggest is this, after you have washed your hair use a product like Cashmere Anti Frizz Gelee by L’Oreal, you can purchase this in many L’Oreal salons across the country, once you have scrunched this product into your hair then leave it to dry naturally, (it won’t become sticky) and even if your hair isn’t frizzy it’s still a great product for curly hair.

The next bit is the fun part, once your hair is dry take a piece of hair from approximately 2 inches above your ear (from your hairline) and roughly 1 cm in diameter, (if you have thick hair then take a slightly larger section) and pull it up and back towards your crown area, as you pull it back slightly twist it towards the middle of your head and place a grip to secure it, (the twisting makes it slightly easier to grip) take another section of hair from underneath, slightly twist and place it on top of the first piece, each piece of hair that you place on your crown will hide the first grip so all you really see is the last grip you place in, you may see a few other grips showing through if your hair is thin but I wouldn’t worry about that.

Don’t take all the sides back I would leave a few pieces down, as that tends to make it look softer around the face, then repeat the other side in exactly the same way.

Use the mirror to determine how much hair to take back, if you make a mistake and think that you have taken too much hair back then simply take out a grip and gently place the hair back down.

It’s fun to do and your find it will look quite different to how you normally style it, when you’ve finished take a look at the back and your be pleasantly surprised how professional it looks.

“This question was answered by Stuart Phillips on Yahoo answers UK & Ireland.”

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