Can women lose their hair due to stress or certain medication?

Q I read one of your blogs about male baldness, I’d like to ask you about female baldness, I’m losing a lot on the crown area and chunks of hair seem to be falling out everywhere else, I’m quite stressed at the moment and also on medication. Would you recommend women to have the hair transplantation that you were talking about?

A Women do experience hair loss although not as commonly as men. You possibly could have genetically determined hair loss, you can also lose it following injury, surgery or during an illness. Examples include anaemia, thyroid disease, connective tissue disease, gynaecological conditions and the most common one being emotional stress, there are also a considerable number of medications which can lead to problems so you should contact your doctor about the medication you are on. Depending on your type of hair loss you may or may not make a good candidate for surgery.

You should contact a clinic for a consultation with a Trichologist so that a specific diagnosis can be determined and from there it can be decided whether to have the hair transplantation procedure.

“This question was answered by Stuart Phillips on Yahoo answers UK & Ireland.”

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