Am I too old to have long hair?

Q I’m 54 years old and would like to grow my hair shoulder length, am I too old to have long hair??

A It’s your face shape and bone structure that will dictate a certain hairstyle not an age, it’s all about suitability, the hairdresser should be giving a full life style hair consultation, from this the hairdresser will determine the perfect shape and length. Older people should not grow their hair long just for the sake of having long hair as this could make you look even older by trying too hard, but if  long hair does suit you because of your personality and  face shape etc then it would be fine to do so.

Thing to remember is if you take two women of similar age what suits one would probably not suit the other, unless they have almost identical face shapes, if you’re looking in a magazine for hairstyles make sure the style you choose has a similar face shape to yours.

“This question was answered by Stuart Phillips on Yahoo answers UK & Ireland.”

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