TUTORIAL: Pixie Haircut – Short Hairstyles For Women – How To Get Hair Similar To Anne Hathaway, Emma Watson And Michelle Williams

Watch Celebrity Hairstylist Stuart Phillips Re-Style model Aleks hair from a medium length to a Pixie haircut, similar to Anne Hathaway, Emma Watson, Carey Mulligan and Michelle Williams.

Watch Stuart’s top colourist Lara Clark transform the colour to a mix of burgundy plum brown, with magenta red and violet.

Although a pixie cut is short, there’s many ways to style it. You will see three alternatives to wearing the hair on this video.

Style 1: This is the most classic way, it’s straight and the hair is dressed forward and slightly to the side.

Style 2: The hair was slightly waved at the top for thickness, texture and movement. This was created using flat irons and is worn to the side.

Style 3: This was first straightened, then a small amount of a mat non greasy wax was used. This was then placed in the front of the hair, a natural quiff was then created (without the aid of any backcombing of the hair) but with the crown left flat. It gradually gets longer towards the front.

The make-up was applied by the very talented Anna Zukowska. Watch Anna apply the make-up using colours that Lara created in the hair and incorporates into the powerful eye make-up. The lips were then left natural using a nude colour.

The photo shoot was held in Covent Garden by Photographer Gökhan Göksoy –

Model: Aleksandra Trepka

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