TUTORIAL: How To Create A Top Knot Bun On Your Own Hair, Worn By Katie Holmes and Kelly Osbourne

Celebrity Hairstylist Stuart Phillips teaches you how to create a trendy top knot bun worn by many different celebrities including, Kelly Osbourne, Katie Holmes, Carmen Electra, to name a few.

The messy top knot is very big for this years summer hair trend and many clients of Stuart Phillips salon in London are asking for this simple yet beautiful style!

This style involves backcombing and placing in a ponytail and can be created to do yourself on your own hair!


  1. Spray some hairspray all through your hair.
  2. Brush all your hair up quite high, a couple of inches in front of your crown.
  3. Place in a covered band but do not pull the hair tight as you normally would, as this version will be a lot loser.
  4. Starting from the back backcomb the pony tail.
  5. As the models hair was very thick twist the hair slightly before you wrap it around the base of the ponytail.
  6. Secure the bun by placing in grips all around the bun, take a little hair just below and above the bun and push the grip firmly in.
  7. With either the back of a pointy brush or using your fingers, gently pull out some strands of hair all around the outline of your hair.
  8. Finish with more hairspray.

The photos of Lisha were shot by Maurice Sparrow – http://mauricesparrow.com/

Model: Lisha Christensen

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