TUTORIAL: How To Create A Faux Hawk For Women – For Medium And Long Hair

Celebrity Hairstylist Stuart Phillips teaches you how to put up medium to long hair into a Faux hawk. A Faux Hawk is a copy of a Maux Hawk but instead of cutting the style you put the hair up!

Stuart will teach you how to effectively put up long hair to assimilate a Maux Hawk. This involves some sectioning, backcombing and placing in a ponytail and can be created to do yourself on your own hair!

  1. Wash your hair the night before.
  2. On dry hair spray some hairspray all through your hair.
  3. Take a section from the middle of your eyebrow going back to a inch before your crown, on both sides and clip out of the way.
  4. Take a diagonal section from the front of the ear going up towards the middle and repeat on the other side.
  5. Place in a ponytail but remember to keep this flat to the head.
  6. Start backcombing from the nape of the neck towards the ponytail.
  7. Now backcomb the ponytail part.
  8. Then finish off with backcombing the part at the front. When doing this make sure you backcomb deep into the roots, this will then give you the desired height on the top.
  9. Very gently brush from the side to the middle of the hair.
  10. Finish with more hairspray.

The photos of Sarah were shot by Maurice Sparrow – http://mauricesparrow.com/

Model: Sarah SC

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