TUTORIAL: How To Create A Beehive Ponytail – Hairstyle For Teenagers Too – Step By Step Hair

Celebrity Hairstylist Stuart Phillips teaches you how to create a trendy Beehive Ponytail worn by many celebrates on the red carpets. The Beehive Ponytail or similar ponytail styles is big for this year’s summer hair trend and many clients of Stuart Phillips salon in London are asking for this style!

As well as the video also see below 10 easy steps on how to achieve this look. Enjoy doing this style at home 🙂

This style involves backcombing and placing in a ponytail and can be created to do yourself on your own hair!

  1. First take a section of your fringe from both sides and clip out the way, this will be let down at the very end created a soft fringe, or if you would rather not have a fringe then you do not need to take this section.
  2. Start from the front taking a small piece of hair around 3cm wide and 1/2 centimeter deep, then using a backcombing brush or small tooth comb start to backcomb very gently. The top part is very important to backcomb deep into the root area, this is because you want this area to have some height. To make this easier for the first row brush or comb the hair up and slightly forward then the rows behind just continue lifting the hair straight up to backcomb.
  3. When you start to backcomb your next row make sure that you do brick work backcombing. This means take a section in the middle of the two in front, this way it will stop you getting any gaps in-between the backcombing.
  4. Work all the way back, remember to take small sections and not rush the process, backcombing takes time and if you take larger sections your backcombing may collapse and you would not achieve your desired shape.
  5. When backcombing on the outline, backcomb on the inside of the hair, meaning on this style as the hair is going back you want the outside of the hair to look fairly clean, so you would backcomb on the inside, opposite to the side that you want to be seen.
  6. Once you have finished the backcombing, gently brush the hair in the direction of the shape that you require. In this case the hair was brushed back and towards the left side, as that is the side the ponytail will be placed.
  7. The model Rachna has fairly thick hair so I would advise using a hook covered band. This is because a normal covered band may snap as you try and wrap it around, also when you pull your thick hair through it may catch on another part of your hair and ruin the shape. For this amount of hair a hook is much simpler and you won’t compromise ruining the style.
    Remember to hide the covered band by taking a small section of hair from underneath and wrap it around the band. Use a grip and place under the band to hold that hair in place.
  8. You can now let the fringe area out. You may need to blow-dry or straighten this area as it was clipped out the way and this can cause the hair to bend.
  9. Look in the mirror and if necessary you may need to pull the hair on top up a little, you can use the end of a slim brush to do this.
  10. Finish off by spraying hairspray all over.

HAIR: Stuart Phillips

MAKE-UP: Taniya Khan

PHOTOGRAPHY: Serguei Cherkassov

MODEL: Rachna Patel

CAMERA: Alex Wood

EDIT: Stuart Phillips

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