TUTORIAL: Hair Extensions For Short Hair – Before And After

Watch Celebrity Hairstylist Stuart Phillips re-style model Leanne’s hair from a short straight bob to a long wavy style.

First Stuart applies 150 Great Lengths hair extensions, these extensions are 100% natural and is sourced from Indian Temple hair. Most extensions are made up of many people’s hair but Great Lengths comes from one person, this is very important as the cuticles will run in the same direction and therefore will not become tangled up quite as easy.

Next the make-up is applied by the talented Nazia Khurram. Watch Nazia transform Leanne’s face using strong eye make-up.

Stuart then cuts Leanne’s hair and blends in the extensions to make it look as real as possible. This is followed by waving the hair with a pair of hot irons called the wand. The wand is one of the best curling irons as you can create different types of curl depending on which part of the iron that you use.

Three months later Leanne has her extensions removed and try’s a completely different style, still with extensions but longer and using darker shades of blonde.

At the end of the video you will see some photos of the second style.

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