Hair Model Casting Call Promo In The UK For New TV Show – Check Out This Promo Video!

Trailer For TV Casting!

Celebrity hairstylist to the stars Stuart Phillips is now part of a new fly-on-the-wall TV documentary. Superstar PR agency and there celebrity clients will be followed around filming there elaborate and exciting lifestyles. Click here to see Superstar PR Celebrity Agency.

Part of the TV documentary involves Stuart filming his latest well known hair videos for stuartphillipssalon’s youtube channel.

For this casting, Stuart was looking for 8 models, this has now been filmed in a spectacular mansion while there hair was being styled, the photo shoot took place with-in the beautiful grounds.

Part of the filming involved the models to sit at the back of a chariot where they were ridden away by two pony’s. All of this was captured by the production company and for the youtube video.

Alongside the filming, the 8 chosen models (on a day to be confirmed) will be interviewed by Stuart on his radio show “The Stuart Phillips Show” for Guess radio and filmed for Guess Radio TV. Click here for radio promo.

The founder of Superstar magazine Adam Danyal will be in collaboration with Stuart Philips and will be using the stunning photo of the 8 girls for a spread in Superstar magazine.


The casting day was held at the prestigious Stuart Phillips salon in Covent Garden on Sunday 22nd July and was hosted by Stuart Phillips, Adam Danyal, Anoosh Naghibi and Kadian, this made up the official judges for the model casting.

The 8 models were chosen on the day and was filmed as part of the documentary!

Make-up artist Natasha Daniel was there to discuss the chosen models make-up on camera.

Fashion designer Leeanne Ripley-Garrett, designed the clothes for each model, the garments were shown and discussed on camera!


The casting was held at the Stuart Phillips Hair Salon, in London’s Covent Garden!


The casting was a great success, the judges cast over 300 models and from this chose 8 to appear on Stuart’s next hair video and also to be part of the documentary!

The next video will be the trailer from the actual casting!

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