Jessica Alba Gets Frumped Up

Jessica Alba is one of Hollywood’s hottest sex symbols and often generates a lot of media attention for her looks. As one of Hollywood’s most envied beauties, it is not at all a shock that she has been named as the “sexiest woman in the world” by FHM magazine.  Although Jessica mostly plays the role of the sweetheart or damsel in distress she is one of the most successful Hollywood starlets of the 21st century, with roles in films such as Honey, Sin City, Fantastic Four and the newly released Valentines’ Day. Even as one of Hollywood’s top actresses, a mum and a wife, Jessica always seems to get a gold star for her effortless style, but can she carry off her new straightforward, messy bob with the same ease?

This bob has been layered a little too much and it’s tending to make her face look larger than what it is.
The fringe on this style is a little too heavy for her face.
Although Jessica’s hair is long in this photo (taken in 2003) and should suit her, it’s not as flattering as some of her other styles that she has worn long. The colour does not suit her, it’s not a clean enough blonde.
Whereas this long hair style photographed in 2005 is very flattering, the curls around her face gives her a lovely soft look and the colour suits her skin tone, she almost looks like a movie star!!!!

This is Jessica’s latest hairstyle taken in 2010, although it’s not anything special I feel it still works. The reason being is because it has been cut with longer layers (compared to the first blonde photo where there too short) and most importantly it’s soft, trendy and yet it still manages to retain her femininity.

How to achieve this style of Jessica Alba
Please note that this style will only work if your hair is wavy.

Hair appliances and products needed:

  • Hairdryer
  • Diffuser
  • Mouse
  • Serum
  1. After you have washed your hair gently towel dry to remove the excess water.
  2. Place some firm hold mouse into your hand and with your other hand scoop a small amount at a time scrunching it into your hair, this is the best way to add the product because you will evenly distribute it all over your hair.
  3. Place the diffuser onto the end of your hairdryer and on a low speed and hot setting place the end of the dryer a couple of inches from your hair and scrunch with your other hand. The best way to scrunch is with the hair in your hand make a fist over the hair but slightly leave a gap either side of your hand, this will help dry your hair a little quicker, then turn your dryer away and close your fist completely, this is the point where you your hair will set into your wave, keep your fist closed for a few seconds then repeat that section again until it dries then pick up another piece of hair and repeat.
  4. If you do not have time to dry your hair once you placed the mouse into your hair, scrunch it all over for a minute or so, then leave to dry, when it’s roughly half way dry, repeat scrunching again, then leave, repeat one more time when completely dry. If you just leave your hair and not bother to scrunch, it will tend to look a little flat.
  5. Once it’s dry either with the hairdryer or not, pull a few pieces of hair onto your face.
  6. If your hair is naturally a little frizzy then it will be best to let your hair dry without the dryer, I would then add a few drops of serum onto your hair.
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