How to get Halle Berry’s pixie cut!

Does it suit her face shape?
In a nutshell, no! The haircut itself is nice but the problem is it needs to suit her face shape and bone structure.

The cut is too short and way too heavy on top. The shape is also too square for her face.

What face shape does Halle Berry have?
Oval with slight square.

Face shapes and structure of the facial features are very important when deciding on a new style. As a client your hairdresser should be able to look at your shape face and offer you advice based on whether you have an oval, round, square, heart or even a mixture.

If a hairdresser ever asks ‘what would you like’ it’s time to walk out the salon. When I’m making a decision on a new style, after studying their face shape I will then explain my idea and the reasons why.

Sometimes it’s easier for clients to show photos of celebrities or models with different hairstyles that they like, the only problem with that is unless the clients face shape, bone structure and texture of hair is quite similar, the hairdresser will have to explain alternative looks that will work with their features. Sometimes this can be achieved by changing one or two parts of the cut but still keeping the feel of the shape.

How to improve the look
Pixie haircuts can vary in length and shape, it all depends on the shape of your face.

I would have left the sides slightly longer, around 1-1.5 cm. You may think that wouldn’t make much difference but in hair terms it does, 1 cm can make a huge difference between making the client look amazing or terrible!

Remember it’s what you leave on that counts, not what you take off.

Okay, so we’re leaving it 1.5 cm longer at the sides, this would mean that it would help soften Halle’s face, yes Halle is pretty but she’s not that young either so any softness on her face would help retain youth.

I would cut up into the length of the sides (whenever I refer to ‘cut up into’, I mean with the point of the scissors cutting upwards) this helps make the hair look less blunt and more soft.

This technique doesn’t remove any length, just softens. This can then be worn down or slightly moving forward. I would also have left the back about 1 cm longer and also cut up into the hairline.

The most important part is we need to round the layers more and remove some of the length at the top.

Rounding the layers
From the above photo of Halle you can see how the shape on the sides works straight up into a corner, then it’s flat on top. The heavy top with the short sides gives it a square feel.

I would cut around 1-2 cm from the top but rather than cut blunt across I would cut up into the hair. There is a way of holding the scissors at a diagonal position so as you cut your losing some of the length and at the same time your texture the hair too.

My suggested haircut for Halle Berry
She would have a slightly longer, softer, sexier and generally more interesting haircut and would definitely suit her a lot more!

Sometimes it’s very difficult for a client to work out what face shape they have. This is because you can have a mix of a couple of shapes, so it’s down to the good old hairdresser to recommend a shape to you.

The bog standard face shapes
Oval, heart, square and round.

What to ask for if you have an oval shape face
As Halle has an oval/square shape face it will be the same as my summary above.

– a heart shape face
My version will also work for a heart shape face, as long as you keep the fringe at least to eyebrow length. This would be to cover most of your forehead as heart shape faces normally have larger foreheads.

– a square shape face
My version would work but I would keep the outline slightly longer and rounded, then to soften the face I would cut up into the hairline, as square shape faces can be quite hard looking.

– a round shape face
For this I would cut it similar to the photo of Halle as the square layers would work. Although if your face is just slightly round, you would have the choice of round or square layers, that would be a judgement call from your hairdresser.

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