AnnaLynne McCord – What’s Her Best Look?

This is my first blog under the title “Celebrity Hairstyles, Love it or Loathe it” I came up with this idea because celebrities are seen as trend setters when it comes to fashion and because of this many people tend to follow in their footsteps.

As a whole, people generally enjoy watching celebrities change their hairstyle and will of course have an opinion whether they like it or not. I’ll be doing the same thing, the only difference being it’s coming from a professional hairdresser’s point of view. I’m not here to be judgmental for the sake of it; I’m just going to give you my honest opinion.

Hope you enjoy this new blog!!

AnnaLynne McCord is undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s up and coming young stars. Despite being a relative newcomer she has already won legions of fans through her portrayal of bitchy Naomi Clark in the latest reincarnation of the 90’s classic 90210. The sexy starlet has the enviable ability to make whatever she wears look stylish and effortless, but does she have the Midas touch when it comes to her lovely locks?? From a sexy 80’s look to elegant and playful, AnnaLynne appears to have no fear when it comes to trying a new style.

2009 was indeed an experimental year for AnnaLynne’s hair, I must say that I’m not overly impressed with the majority of her hair styles but I suppose that’s where the word experimental comes in. There are a few styles were she is wearing her hair curly, not all of them are great looks but the one below (taken in 2009) I feel does her justice. The texture of curl and shape of the haircut really suits her face.

The photos below were taken in 2009, I’m not overly impressed with the hairstyles!

Below are some images of her housing a completely different look. I found them in January’s 2010 edition of Cosmopolitan magazine. AnnaLynne has really pushed the envelope with this, she comes across as more mature and very sexy.

How to achieve this style of AnnaLynne McCord as seen in Cosmopolitan Magazine

Hair appliances and products needed:

  • Hairdryer
  • Medium sized heated rollers
  • Medium sized round brush
  • Hair clip
  • Comb
  • Grips
  • Firm hold mouse
  • Firm hold hairspray

The haircut is a bob style length with layers; this style can also work if your hair is a couple of inches longer or shorter.

  1. After your hair is washed place around a golf ball size of a firm hold mousse, best way to apply the mouse is with your head upside down, it tends to apply more evenly and you won’t miss parts of the underneath.
  2. Rough dry your hair to about 50% by blasting it with your dryer, then place in your parting. Starting from the hairline at the back take a horizontal section and clip the rest out the way, blow-dry your hair going under and work up towards your crown.
  3. Blow-dry the sides in a similar manor.
  4. Place in your heated rollers starting at your crown and rolling back. Then place in the second roller and third etc and work back towards your hair-line. For the sides place in your first roller running parallel next to your parting and roll back, there should be enough hair to place a second roller next to this, then work down towards your ears. Repeat the same for the other side including your fringe.
  5. Spray with a firm hold hairspray and leave the rollers to cool down.
  6. When you remove each roller (to help keep this style last longer) roll your hair back to your head and you will produce a barrel curl, hold the curl with a grip, repeat the same to all the rollers, if you find this too time consuming then do not create the barrel curls, but it does help to give it a longer lasting style.
  7. Keep the barrel curls in for about 10 minutes or until you have finished putting on your make-up etc, take out the grips and then to style your hair you will need to run your fingers in the same direction that you placed the rollers in, by looking in the mirror you will know how much styling to do and stop when you feel satisfied with the shape, be careful though if you over style with your hands your end up pulling out to much of the wave.
  8. Take a section on each side of your parting and with your comb gently backcomb, this breaks up your parting and will also look fuller, if desired you can backcomb on the crown area, this will give you a little more height.
  9. To finish spray with some hairspray.
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