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Does hair conditioner actually work?

I sell many different hair conditioner brands in my Covent Garden salon and clients are always asking me if conditioner will make a big difference.

Does hairspray damage your hair?

Most common ingredients normally contain alcohol and polymers, although they are similar to those found in such things like paint and even glue, In hairspray

How to avoid hair fall?

Hair loss as your aware can be a very stressful thing, therefore I have listed as many things as possible to help slow this down

My hair is a greasy problem!?

The reason why your hair isn't greasy all the time is probably due to life style, for example; what you eat can make a huge

Question about straightening hair…?

I can understand your frustration as you are fighting a losing battle and if you have tried other hairstyles and you definitely don’t like your

Will my hair turn grey?

The reason hair turns grey is because its losing pigment. You need to look at your family, if they tend to go grey quite young,

Am I too old to have long hair?

It’s your face shape and bone structure that will dictate a certain hairstyle not an age, it’s all about suitability, the hairdresser should be giving

How to recover from damaged hair

What your saying is not that uncommon as hot irons will eventually ruin your hair especially if you’re using them a few times a week,