Photo Shoot With OK! Magazine

Over the Easter holidays everything was a little quiet but the last couple of weeks it's all gone crazy busy. I should be used to

Miss Arab UK 2010

At the end of April 2010 I received a call from my agent regarding the possibility of sponsoring in some capacity the Miss Arab competition. The

Interviews and possibilities

The last couple of weeks have been a little quiet on the work front, reason being it's the Easter holidays and this is typically a

Work Hard, Play Hard

Before I begin my play hard part of this blog, thought I would give you a little heads up on the hairdressing special edition of

The Harcombe Diet

This blog is dedicated to my friend Zoe Harcombe. Zoe is a professional weight loss Guru for the 21st century, she is top of her

Miss University Competition 2010

On the 16th March 2010 there will be competition taking place called Miss University. The show is now in the fourth year and is gaining

The Weakest Link

Three weeks ago I received a phone call from the BBC and they asked if I was interested in being interviewed for the weakest link

Ivana Blows Her Own Trumpet

The story in the press recently about Ivana and me is 100% true. It’s one of those funny stories where you laugh and probably think

The most exciting adventure yet

Hope everyone's new year was good, I ended up going to a last minute party which was rubbish, it was a fancy dress party, In my experience 

X-Factor Dream Makeover

  On Thursday 26th November I had such a fab day, The Daily Star previously contacted me to ask if one of the patients from Great

The £20,000 haircut

    One would have thought that coming up with a PR idea about a £20,000 haircut might have made a little ripple or none at all,

Celebrity stylist Stuart Phillips is one of the most sought-after men in the country. But he`s shutting his doors to the stars and millionaire punters for a day – to get his magic mitts on three lucky “Mirror” readers.

The Daily Mirror Competition

A couple of blogs ago I was talking about a PR idea that I had but couldn’t talk about it, now I can… Although it started

News and PR Catchup

Wow what another crazy and interesting few weeks I’ve had, so busy that I actually missed a week for my blog, sorry about that but

A snip at £20000

  This week has to be the best PR ever. About 18 months ago I had a vision of getting into the record books by creating

Happy Birthday To Us

Stuart Phillips makes OK! Magazine as he celebrates his salon's 15th birthday. Happy Birthday!

Diary Update

What a busy few weeks I’ve had!! With lots of fun and a little disappointment. Let’s start with the not so good first. The lingerie

Lingerie Model Casting

Hi, I’m going to get straight into the lingerie party that I was telling you about last time (if you take the word party away

Party, Party, Party

Hi, in my last blog I spoke a lot about my past so from now on it’s all about the exciting present - well I