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Last week I received a call from the director of the Biography channel, we discussed the possibilities of furthering someone’s training into becoming a hairdresser. The director wanted me to train a lady called Sam Chawner, who was previously a contestant on ITV’s  hit TV show, X Factor (Sam has already had 2 years training at college) and the model to demonstrate the haircut on was TV presenter Lorraine Kelly, (Loraine was also Sam’s mentor for the show). I would also teach Sam the business side of running a hair salon. I thought this would be a good opportunity for me because as well as being shown on the biography channel, later on in the year it would also be shown on channel 5.

There was one tiny little snag, the night before the filming I had to go to hospital, but it was only suppose to be a simple procedure and the doctors told me that I could definitely work the next day. I would of had this procedure another time, but my diary was so full, that I didn’t get that luxury, as you know things are never that simple. I was told a few hours before my operation that it was better for me to have a general anesthetic, this obviously concerned me, not so much worrying about the anesthetic it’s self, but the fact I was going to be filmed the following day and was it possible to do this after a general anesthetic? Well I was about to find out, I just didn’t want to let the director down and my chance of appearing on channel 5, as I have never filmed for this channel before.

On Tuesday 29th June at 11pm I was whisked away for my operation and was back in my room by 1am. I remember that night, it was so hot and found it really hard to sleep, all I managed was around one  hour of sleep.

At 6am the nurse came in to take my blood pressure, that’s so annoying, as I’m sure I was about to doze of again, but there just doing their job I suppose. I tried to fall back to sleep but that proved impossible, so the minute they released me I went straight to work, I admit that was a crazy thing to do, but that’s me all over.

I now had two problems, the first was staying awake for the filming, the second was to stop shaking because of the anesthetic, remember I only had the operation 10 hours ago!!

Once I arrived at the salon I received a phone call explaining that they would be an hour late, not sure if that was a good or bad thing because at that point I would’ve preferred to make a start, then hopefully just soldier on through, well that was my plan anyway.

TV crews normally have a entourage of people, but this entourage was exceptionally big because it also included Sam Sam Chawner’s entire family, lol.

I now demonstrated the cut on Loraine but the great thing was, Sam would just watch, (this was good because the way I felt not sure whether I could have stopped Sam from making a drastic mistake or not). I think I got away lightly by cutting it myself.

The next thing to do was my business chat with Sam , (the general running of the salon), this conversation lasted about an hour, which wasn’t too bad, the difficult part came at the end when I had to talk to camera, and that lasted around an hour as well.

Thinking about it, I cannot believe I survived working on camera the day after a general, but I’m pleased I soldered on and survived the entire day 🙂

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