Work Hard, Play Hard

Before I begin my play hard part of this blog, thought I would give you a little heads up on the hairdressing special edition of the Weakest Link TV show.

On one of my previous blogs I did mention that I was being filmed for this show and I said I’d let you know when it’s over and report back, well it’s all over now and can’t wait for it to be aired. Unfortunately I can’t do any actual reporting back until it’s aired, BBC has contracted me not to mention anything about the contents of the show, but I can tell you that the presenter Ann Robinson was as mean as ever, that was expected though. It was a great day and I live to tell the tale, well maybe another time then. When I get a date from the BBC for the airing of the show I’ll let you know.

We all know what it’s like to work hard but that needs to be balanced up with relaxation and of course some partying thrown in, which is exactly what I’ve been doing the past couple of weeks, I’ll blame it on the start of London Fashion week, that’s the culprit that triggers it off because the first two months of the year is generally quiet on the party front.

I’ve been to quite a few parties so it’s a bit difficult to mention them all, let’s talk about the opening party of London fashion week and one more, let me see! oh yes The Bad Bunny Mansion Easter Ball.

I  nearly didn’t make the opening party at London Fashion week as I was very busy at work and sometimes the last thing you want to do as a hairdresser is to continue socialising after you’ve chatting to around ten clients, most hairdressers would just want to flake out at home in front of the TV, I just love meeting new people and also partying with my friends. (I must have too much energy)

For the opening of London Fashion week this particular party (organised by the Button Club) was held at IL Bottaccio in Hyde Park (a first for me) the venue itself was in a mansion, it had two main rooms and a couple of smaller ones, with two massive hallways and another floor upstairs, I’m not sure how many stories this mansion had as I only ventured to the second.

I previously had been to Cafe De Paris to watch my friend BEBE sing, (short for Billericay Boy), I went with my friend Natasha Charles (she’s a great photographer) after BEBE had finished performing the three of us jumped in a cab and headed to IL Bottaccio.

The second we walked in all we could see was the flashes of camera’s going off, why you may ask yourself! quite simply we looked an interesting trio, BEBE was dressed way different from everyone else, Natasha looked fashionably good and I suppose I did as well, in fact you need to see the photos to understand.

The three of us at Cafe De Paris, just before heading off to IL Bottaccio.

A photo of BEBE’s outfit, this is what put the photographers into a frenzy, (just in case you didn’t believe me), lol.

Halfway through the evening we got separated from each other (as it was jam packed with people), I ended up in the room where the models were being photographed, while I was in there Richard Austin Rees (who helped with the marketing and production) asked if I didn’t mind having a few photos taken with some of the models and also an interview for OK! TV, which I didn’t mind at all.

Bellow is the link to OK! TV.

Richard asked me to pose with some of  the models. All photos taken by Murad Rm-Photography.

Model Naomi Stephannie, looking beautiful.

Model Siobhan Lewis also looking beautiful.

Something a bit different.

Richard is also the features manager for the Mayfair Fashion Magazine and is involved with various events and PR, I met Richard about ten months ago and in this time we have become friends, Richard is a hard worker and has as much energy as I have, he deserves all his success, I will certainly work with Richard at some point in the future.

As I had quite a few clients booked in the next day, at around midnight like a good boy, I walked out of the mansion doors with BEBE and Natasha, in fact we were all good leaving at that time as the party was still going strong which made it difficult to leave, but I personally couldn’t cope with a day’s worth of hair styling on zero sleep. Natasha caught a taxi home and BEBE and I took the train, even on the train the spotlight was still on us, well maybe on BEBE.

The second party was also held at IL Bottaccio (my favorite venue now), this was the The Bad Bunny Mansion Easter Ball, well the name speaks for its self, lot’s of models dressed up us bunny’s, with Champagne, Canapé’s, and good music.

For this party I invited my work colleague and friend Dale, Dale is a very talented hairdresser and has been working at my salon for twelve years now, together we have worked on many different red carpet events, to name a few, The BAFTA’s, The National Television Awards, The MOBO’s and The British Soap Awards.

This party was also organised by the Button Club, so I recognised some of the people that I previously met at the opening of fashion week along with some new faces as well.

There were so many flashes going off didn’t know where to look, a few of us guessed the right camera!

The models surrounding Richard Austin Rees, from left, Jazmine May Bernard, Victoria Eisermann, Bex Paul and Tara Adams.

Next to me is the stunning Chevelle Kemp and my work colleague and friend Dale Perkins.

Although I had work the next day it was actually pretty quiet, (which doesn’t happen that often) so I decided to take up that rare opportunity and stay until the end, can’t remember what time that was but who cares It was a really good night.

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