Victoria’s Secret Hair Tutorial With Big Loose Curls

For my next up and coming video called Victoria`s Secret Hair Tutorial, in order to find a model and rather than looking through my friends list on facebook, Lilian from Vibe International Models explained that she was holding a casting to find new models for her agency and explained if I wanted to attend I could find a model this way, I happily agreed. Adam from Superstar Magazine was also present, he was there to help find models for Vibe and also do a blog of my finished models hair, then place the video link at the end of the blog.

The style that I wanted to create was shoulder length hair with layers and then style the hair with big loose curls, I would set it around my fingers rather than using curling irons, making it full and sexy.

There were many girls present at the casting, of course all hoping to be signed up to the agency and also looking forward to the possibility of modelling for the hair video. I spoke to many girls on the casting and the model that stood out the most was Francesca. Francesca had fairly long hair and almost one length; The condition of her hair was not very good, it was also a little flat and lifeless, the colour was a combination of brassy copper and mousy brown. By looking at Francesca’s face shape, bone structure and complexion etc, I knew that what I wanted to create would look great on her, increasing the chance of her receiving some modelling work. I wanted to cut around 5 inches off the length and 3 inches from the layers, then my colourist Lara Clark would change the colour to an array of coppers and gold’s, then finally I would style her hair with a very loose sexy curl.

Once I explained this to Francesca she seemed very happy for my team and I to create the new hairstyle for her.

The next stage was for Francesca to meet me in the salon, this was so I could have one final look and also Lara would need to decide the exact colours to use. Lara has been the colourist for the last three videos; she has such passion and vision which makes her one of the best colourists around and a perfect choice in working with me on these exciting videos.

For this particular shoot I decided that I would also like to get involved with the filming, so Lara and I agreed to film each other working, I would also film Maria applying the make-up and the finished results outside in Neil’s Yard, this is the cool area outside the back entrance of the salon.

I bought an impressive HD camera a few years back and have practised with it for many hours, so I knew I could achieve exactly what I wanted, although this did make it a little more stressful but with the end results it was definitely worth it.

When Francesca arrived at the shoot she did seem a little nervous (and I didn’t blame her being such a big transformation) because the end results would represent her knew look as a model, although she did trust in both Lara and I and was happy for us to create her new image.

For this particular video this was the first time we used foil in the hair, (foils are used to separate colour in each individual packet) as all the other videos we applied full tints, for this reason it was very important for me to get the camera into the right position and make the foils going in look as exciting as possible, this was a challenge and for this reason I decided to film quite a bit from above by climbing onto a ladder, this gave me a nice bird’s eye view of the foils going in but also had the challenge of holding the camera with one hand and holding onto the ladder with the other without falling off, luckily I never did!

Once all the foils were placed in, Lara tinted the rest of the roots a different colour by painting in-between the foils. Lastly she painted the tint directly onto her glove and slowly wiped her hand down the hair giving it a really interesting texture.

Lara applying one of the colours.

Second colour being applied from the Phillips bird’s eye view.

You can just make out (from the photo above) the dryness of the hair, especially towards the ends and the difference between the colours, from the very tired brassy ends to the darker roots.

Lara paints the colour onto her glove and about to wipe her hand through Francesca’s hair.

Wiping her hand through Francesca’s hair, this is to create texture and depth.

Francesca’s colour is completely applied and now waiting for the colour to develop before washing it off.

After Francesca’s colour was washed off, I then started to create the new style, first I got Francesca to stand up, when you have long hair to cut you always get a better outline with the client standing, reason being; the hair falls in a more natural way giving you a nicer line with better results.

Once the back was cut I continued to layer the hair with Francesca sitting down. Francesca’s face shape was oval and quite small and felt it was important to create more fullness at the sides and cut a round shape for the outline and layers, square layers and outline on an oval face shape can sometimes tend to make the face look a bit too square, this is why I wanted to style it with roundness across her shoulder blades and all through the layers, this also helps the hair swing more producing  movement, shape and the all important femininity.

Spraying water in her hair just before I start to cut, if the hair is not completely sprayed with water and you end up with mixed dry and damp hair, this can make your haircut uneven because wet hair stretches more than dry.

Cutting off around 5 inches!  Doing this standing up gives you a nicer line at the back!

Scissor action of the hair being layered!

For the styling of the hair, after I applied a strong setting mouse, I wanted to show how to create a curl by wrapping a small piece of hair around my finger and then holding it in place with grips, this isn’t as easy as it looks because as you wrap the hair around it tends to get a bit stuck to your fingers, so for this reason as you wrap you have to make sure that you do it very loosely and with practice you could eventually do this to your own hair.

I have just blow-dried the first piece of hair from the front with a large round brush, this is to first dry the hair and then the heat from the dryer will set the hair after I’ve wound it around my finger, (as the hair is still warm). Remember there are no curling irons being used in order to create this set!

Side view of the hair that has been wrapped around my finger.

Maria Foster starts to apply the make-up, she decides to make the eyes stand out quite a lot with the lips being more neutral, I always leave it up to Maria because I know whatever her vision is, it’s going to be very good.

Maria starts her make-up magic.

Gluing in the false eyelashes.

Applying the pink lipstick.

Lara continued to film as I took out all the grips, watching the curls unravel looked really good on camera!  I then placed her head back and fired lots of that good old fashioned elnett throughout her hair.

All the grips have been taken out and the curl has been gently unravelled.

With Francesca’s head slightly tilted back, hairspray is being sprayed all through her hair.

We then took Francesca outside and filmed her walking about, giving a little attitude to camera and generally looking good. At one point a female police officer called me over and though I was about to get into trouble, this is what she said, “Which pop star is the lady your filming” loved it, put a big smile on my face and everyone else’s. By 7.30pm It was a wrap, what a good days work 🙂

I’m now thinking about the next video shoot, a good on-line magazine has already agreed to place the model on their front cover and a step-by-step DPS inside with a link to the video.

Here’s a little teaser for my next shoot, It will be very dramatic, will show me cutting off tons of hair between 6-10 inches and completely changing the colour of hair from a brown to a blonde. Watch this space!!

Bellow is the link to Victoria’s Secret Hair Tutorial. Enjoy!!





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