The Harcombe Diet

This blog is dedicated to my friend Zoe Harcombe. Zoe is a professional weight loss Guru for the 21st century, she is top of her game.

Zoe created the Harcombe diet a few years ago, she will teach you the correct way to lose weight and most importantly when you reach your desired weight if you follow Zoe’s advice you will stay that way.

I met Zoe about a year ago and in that time I have convinced her to change what I felt as an old fashion hair style into something more fashionable, luckily for me Zoe agreed and now she sports a great hair cut and colour.

Below is a photo of Zoe before I changed her style, she has a small face shape so I needed to create a shorter style but still soft and feminine, something that would sit around her face better.

Below is a photo showing you Zoe’s new haircut.

For Zoe’s new haircut I chopped into the layers to create more texture and movement,  without going too short and keeping the haircut as feminine as possible I cut the sides to bottom of her ears and chopped into the outline, the back was cut to her hairline showing off a better head shape, the hairline was also chopped into. The colour was created by one of my colourists  Ellie Patterson, (Ellie has been with me for eight years and has just recently got married, I attended her lovely wedding) Ellie created more dimension and tone by using three different colour blondes, she also chose colours to help brighten up the hair.

When you style the hair for this haircut, blast dry the hair then add a little amount of a mat wax and massage it into the hair and scalp.

When you’ve finished drying your hair you can make it as full as you like, (depending on your face shape) when Zoe styles her hair she prefers to wear it a little flatter, when I style it I tend to make it slightly fuller (personal preference) but because this style is so versatile and Zoe has a small face shape you can do either.

Below is a cutting from the Daily Mail, showing off Zoe’s new hair style.

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