The Daily Mirror Competition

A couple of blogs ago I was talking about a PR idea that I had but couldn’t talk about it, now I can…

Although it started as a PR idea it had now changed quite a bit and now I’m not doing this just for PR but for the chance of helping people that would really appreciate it. My idea was to originally perform the £20000 haircut to a national paper using one of their journalist to experience it all [as I have already done this for numerous TV stations] this would be hard to execute because TV is a better way of showing this off, for a paper it would be a write-up and of course photographs taken, so I thought to myself what would make it more interesting and even more exciting so I came up with the idea of choosing three different women that would never normally get to experience this kind of service- maybe due to an illness or condition etc, I think it would be an amazing experience for them.

I approached the Daily Mirror because I’ve worked with them before and I trust them; they are also really nice people to work with -The Mirror liked the idea so they agreed to work with me on this project.

On Monday The Mirror placed a column near the centre of the paper giving the public a chance to write in explaining why they felt it should be them or someone they know that gets to experience all of this.

I first approached one of my good friends Tiger Lilly (who has a gorgeous voice) and asked her if she would like to sing in my salon (to the three women) and Tiger Lilly said she would love to.

I won’t say who else is performing in case whoever has won is reading this; I want this to be a surprise.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been mainly focusing on this project because I want this to be a big success making it a truly memorable day for the three ladies- one they’ll remember for a long time to come.

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