RTL Television films Stuart in Germany

The last couple of weeks have flown by, My friend Eli who is half German invited me to Dusseldorf to be filmed by the German TV crew RTL, this is the same company that filmed me in the salon, ( RTL Television has offices all over Europe), the objective is to get me as well known as possible in Europe and I suppose Germany is a great start.

One of my friends Oliver Morris who runs a company in London called Fashionaires (this involves a team of models, hairdressers, Make-up Artists and photographers and they set up shoots in the most gorgeous lavish surroundings or produce fashion shows etc) found out from Eli that she was flying me out to Germany and thought it would be a good experience to see how the Germans put on fashion shows, Oliver is such a lovely guy that I was pleased when I found out that he was going to fly to Dusseldorf with me.

The reason why Eli wanted me in Germany was to first of all look after the designer’s hair Alfredo Pauli, (Eli does a lot of freelance work for him) Alfredo was producing the fashion show and he has not had his haircut for 34 years “gulp” as strange as that sounds it’s true and Eli wanted RTL to film this occasion, Alfredo is a very big name amongst the affluent Germans, he is also controversial as he mainly designs fur coats, this sort of show could never take place in London for the obvious reasons but the German society doesn’t seem to care.
Before the show started I also had to perform a make-over for RTL TV for a non speaking English lady, this proved to be quite difficult because while the cameras were rolling if for any reason that the Lady became a little nervous or needed to ask something, that’s when things became a little difficult as the main German/English speaking person was Eli and she was pre occupied with other things, then if my model spoke to me I just looked smiled and carried on cutting, that seemed to sort of work!! when I finished the make-over (her make-up was already applied) Alfredo dressed her in a beautiful dress (which is also designed) and a fur coat, she looked great.

The show was also the most expensive fashion show to take place in Germany probably in the world, Alfredo used £37 million pounds of fur in his four hour show, the show its self cost half a mill to produce as the stage setting and calibre of models used were all high end.
As well as being entertained by beautiful German models the audience its self were very interesting, they were a mixture of extremely wealthy over the top dress designs (combination of Star Trek, Dallas and Buffy the vampire slayer,) with sooooo much surgery that the words face lift took on a whole new meaning, but they did seem friendly.
This all took place on day one, the next day Eli set up a photo shoot in a well known salon in Cologne, I showed the staff my cutting & styling techniques and while this was going on a photographer from a regional paper was snapping away, the story would go into six regional papers rather that just one.

The salon owner told me that the step-by-step photos would be placed on their salon walls with the finished look outside in their window, that was pretty cool.

In the evening Oliver, Eli, one of Eli’s friends and I went to a German nightclub, (my first) well it was crap, I do love partying in London but it was like something I went to 15 years ago, anyway it was good to check out the nightlife even though I’ll probably give it a miss next time (if I go again)

The next morning Oliver and I was supposed to fly home but the alarm didn’t go off, I have never shot out of bed so fast, got dressed in one minute, screamed through to Oliver’s room to get the f… out of bed and then went down stairs banged on the door like a madman and probably scared the crap out of poor Eli, (Eli was driving Oliver and I back to Dusseldorf airport) luckily she drives at 150mph, so on this occasion I didn’t mind her driving that fast, what should have taken 90 minutes took about 30, love you El, Oliver and I only just made our flight.
My two day trip was fun, exciting, exhausting and most importantly very productive.

The possible PR that I mentioned last time that I couldn’t really talk about is going ahead but unfortunately I still can’t talk about it, as the subject matter is quite delicate but will be able to mention what it is by mid December, (that is when it should be out for all to see).

Chow for now x

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