Party, Party, Party

Hi, in my last blog I spoke a lot about my past so from now on it’s all about the exciting present – well I like to think it’s exciting!

One thing you’ll learn about me is that my life can change so fast there really isn’t a dull moment. In fact, one of my clients was reassuring me that my life was fast paced and exciting. The fact is it’s really hard to view your own life – someone else needs to fill you in.

I was on facebook a couple of weeks ago (well, I’m actually always on facebook but this happened a few weeks ago) when a club promoter sent me a private message asking if I would be interested in doing the hair for a lingerie fashion show (you see he used the magic word “lingerie”). It would mean that I would style the hair for six models at about 9pm and the show would start at 12.30am. I find it quite exciting  getting involved with fashion shows, firstly and mainly because it’s good PR, and secondly because I will be styling the hair for six half naked girls. Now come on, most people would make my second there first, just shows you how professional I am! The show should take place in the next month in one of the popular London night clubs. I am looking forward to it, I’ll let you know how it went!!

The countdown to my salons 15th birthday party has started. My PR Company is making this happen, and the premise is I invite 100 members of the press so hopefully at least 50 will show. OK! Magazine said they would cover it as long as we have at least four celebrities present – that will be no problem. Also, OK! TV will be there to film. To sum it all up, champagne, canapés, a saxophonist, celebrities, press, lots of lovely people and hopefully a good time to be had by all. I’ll tell you how it’s all going on my next blog.

Thursdays is the day that I get to stay at home and think of different ideas for publicity, as well as going to the gym and shopping for food. I had finished a two hour workout with my fitness instructor Gary at viva fitness. He is a blinding instructor, one of the best that I’ve ever had the pleasure to teach me and I’ve gone through many. I then walked slowly round Waitrose feeling tired from the gym and needing a shower pretty bad when my mobile started to ring. It was my PR agent asking if I could get to the Hilton hotel in London by 4pm and style the hair for Anna Ivanavic (the tennis player) for the pre Wimbledon party. I told them that it’s impossible as it was now 2pm. I would have had to take my shopping home, eat, shower, get dressed and then drive to the underground then sit on the train for over an hour. My PR said you have to try and told me that Anna will wait until 5pm for you, so off I went like a lunatic driving home at silly speed chucking my food in the freezer, a two minute shower, a one minute sandwich, got dressed and left the house. I arranged to meet one of my advanced apprentices with all my hair equipment at Bayswater station. I made it at 4.55pm, then run to the Hilton in the nick of time.

Now the fun begins! I met Anna and her mum, discussed her hair and went straight to it. Everything was of course rushed but I did make Anna look great and her mum loved her hair as well.

I then caught a taxi to the Kensington Roof Gardens where the event was held and partied until 2am. It was a great party – I bumped into Kelly Rolland, Caprice, Serena Williams (who I did the hair for at the last pre Wimbledon party) Sir Richard Branson and many other A listers. I was wrapped up in bed by 4am ready for a very busy day at work.

I’ll catch up with you all soon.

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