News and PR Catchup

Wow what another crazy and interesting few weeks I’ve had, so busy that I actually missed a week for my blog, sorry about that but here I am now working that keyboard, again I find it difficult to know where to start, normally at the beginning but with me there really isn’t one as things are being thrown at me continuously from every angle.
On the social scene I’ve been to about 15 parties in the last three weeks, (some of them were actually quite good which means 4-5am in the morning).
On the press side of things, I’ve so far had four National, one regional and sixteen international newspapers, six radio interviews, around twenty five mentions on different radio stations, one TV news story, three TV Shows and a huge amount of national and international on-line magazines (I think that’s about all so far), you can understand now what I mean by CRAZY few week’s I’ve had.
Since all this press, when I’m out socializing and get introduced to someone (as you do) and they ask what do I do for work It’s kind of hard to just say “oh I’m a hairdresser” as you have read previously it’s definitely a bit more than that and as I mention the word hairdresser they say OMG your that guy that charges £200000 for a cut, firstly it’s quite amazing that almost everyone in the country has read, heard or seen it somewhere, secondly it’s soooooo much more than just a hair cut, for example my VIP hair package was just filmed by CNN International last Monday and for this my clients demands were – one night’s stay at the Mayfair Hotel, a full body massage in her hotel room (I performed this as I’m also a qualified masseur) a butler, flowing champagne, A champagne dinner, two bodyguards, some beautiful jewellery by Chaumet Jewellers from Bond Street (this included £10 million pounds of jewellery brought to the salon with a six person team) my client bought a necklace worth £700000.00 and a pair of earrings worth £350000.00, now that makes my £20000.00 VIP package seem pretty cheap lol, also a fashion stylist called Andrea from fashion mode came over to show a selection of dresses, the chosen two dresses were taken to the Mayfair hotel and later on that evening the stylist would be on hand to dress my VIP client, a hat milliner, no other than Louise Mariette (he was the judge on Britain’s next top model), a make-up artist, manicurist, a band called Heist performed in the salon to my client (early that morning I had a PA system brought in) a pop singer called Anja with her two dancers, a rock chick group called Candy Rock, and three girls from a band called Anonymous and a well respected palmist, now that’s value for money.
As the filming was done by CNN I got things a lot cheaper mainly the musicians, as this was great exposure for everyone concerned.
At the moment I’m working on some new PR strategies, I realise that not all PR works it’s about lucky timing with the newspapers and magazines etc, it can be quite off putting though as you can spend days even week’s investing time into what you think will be a PR success story only to be rejected by the press, but my motto is “if first you don’t first succeed don’t freaking give up” lol, an idea can be brilliant but still get you nowhere, there really are so many elements to a news story, I’m not going to divulge my ideas now in case it doesn’t happen I should know within the next few weeks whether it gets picked up, so either way I’ll spill the beans next time.

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