New Year New Hair 2018 – Stuart Phillips Hair Consultation Advice

New Year New Hair 2018 Stuart Phillips Hair Consultation Advice

If you are still thinking about a new hair look for 2018 but a little nervous, then here are a few things to consider before going for a re-style.


Your hairdresser should take many things into account when discussing a new look but at least you can go fully prepared with the understanding and knowledge of whether a shorter style will suit your face!


Face shapes are extremely important on deciding for a new look.


Oblong Face Shapes: you would not want anything that would elongate it more, so anything too long or too short would not suit. You would need to have a medium length cut. If for example you like the bob cut then it would need to be shoulder length or slightly shorter.


Square Shape Faces: I would keep away from square bobs and square layers, as well as heavy square fringes or very short cuts. Go for something soft and round in layers.

Round Shape Faces: This would be a similar outcome as oblong face shapes, meaning if your hair is too long your face would look rounder and the same if it was too short. I would recommend a medium length cut! I would keep away from short fringes and perhaps introduce an asymmetric fringe, meaning going slightly longer to one side.


Oval Shape Faces; are quite easy to work with, depending on how long it is. If there is not too much length to your face, then you can have anything from a crop, to a pixie and of course longer too.


Heart Face Shapes: I would always keep some hair visible if you’re looking in the mirror; as this will widen the bottom part of your face where it is the smallest.


If you like fringes I would have one no shorter than your cheek bone area as you do not want to widen the top part of your face.


Bone Structure: This is another important factor, for example; if your nose is slightly crooked I would create a fringe that is slightly longer towards the opposite side that your nose protrudes towards.


If you are conscious about your ears, then this will determine the length of the sides, etc.


Your hairdresser should take everything into consideration when choosing a new hair style.


Importantly, your hairdresser should also take into account your personality, as you would need to look confident about wearing your new hairstyle!


Colour Changes: The colour technician should take into consideration your colour of eyes and skin complexion as well as your personality, as these are all important factors in helping to find the perfect colour for you.

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