Model Video Shoot at Stuart Phillips Salon

For my next shoot I decided to use two models, one of them being a guy. I assumed that it would take a lot less time to re-style and shoot the guy, so with that in mind I set up the shoot using both models.

Apart from Lara my colourist I used a new team of people, this included the photographer, Adnan Siddiqui. I’ve known Adnan for a couple of years and he has photographed me many times in various events. I like Adnan’s work very much! Adnan took all the photos for this blog!

Then there was the make-up artist, Anna Orkiszewska. I met Anna a few months ago and after viewing her portfolio I decided to work with her.

After placing an advert on Star Now website I found my first model Carla. Once I met her I knew straight away that she’d be perfect for the shoot, not only did Carla have a lovely face but was also a nice and easy going person.

I’ve known Perry for a while. I met him a couple of years ago at a networking event, Perry also has a good look and is a nice person to work with!

We started Model Video Shoot day at 9am. The first challenge of the day was to talk to camera about what I was about to do, this strangely enough is the hardest part, trying to get across on camera what you need to say but keeping it short and sweet isn’t as easy as it looks!!

Before shot of Carla, as you can see her hair is thin and flat!

Before shot of Carla!

Once that was out the way I started cutting around 10 inches off Carla’s hair. Carla seemed very relaxed which was a good thing as this in turn also helped me feel relaxed (quite important when you’re about to cut lots of hair). About 45 minutes later I finished the cut.

Starting to chop around 10 inches of hair off!

A closer look at the chosen bob length!

Reached the desired Bob length!

Starting to cut the layers!

Chopping into the layers at the top!

It was now Lara’s turn to show on camera her unique skills of applying colour. She was going to take Carla’s natural brown to an array of golden blondes, I always look forward to the colour change as this improves on the haircut tenfold.

Precise positioning of the foil!

Lara’s almost finished with the foil highlights, with the help of her assistant Suzie!

Spraying hairspray in order to lift out the hair!

The tint is painted onto her hands!

Lara wipes the tint over the hair, this is repeated a few times!

A couple of hours later Anna begins the make-up.  A few of my previous hair videos had very strong make-up,  this time and also keeping in with the suitability of Carla’s face we decided to keep it more natural! While we were all doing our thing Adnan was snapping away not missing a trick! Dam his good!!

Anna has just started to apply the make-up!

Anna’s magic fingers on Carla’s lips!

Finishing off the eyes!

I was very pleased with Carla’s new look, especially when we filmed her outside. The difficult thing was making a layered bob look exciting on camera, reason being, a layered bob isn’t really edgy but more of a nice salon haircut, if that makes sense!

We all managed to transform Carla in a great way though, bringing out her cheek bones and generally making her look more fashionable and even prettier!

Starting to blow-dry Carla’s hair!

The final hands in hair!

The next three shots are Carla’s finished looks!

We started our second model Perry at 5pm. I must have been feeling a little tired at this point as I almost forgot to talk to camera about my haircut!! It took me about 30 minutes to cut Perry’s hair!

Before shot of Perry!

Before shot of Perry!

About to start the cut!

Chopping in to those layers!

Few inches coming off the top!

Catching all on film!

Checking it’s all perfect!

Lara was next to apply the colour. She was about to transform Perry from a light brown to a few different shades of golden blonde, this took her around 90 minutes!

Starting to place in the foil highlights!

Spraying hairspray in order to lift out the hair, similar to Carla’s!

Once Lara’s had wiped on the tint using the palms of her hand, she then applies a little more with a brush!

It was now dark outside so I got to try out my new camcorder flash light. This was very important otherwise you wouldn’t get to see the golden blonde colours that Lara created. I enjoyed filming Perry outside, he definitely had this kind of coolness about him and very importantly looked good in front of camera!

The next few shots are Perry’s finished looks!

Although the day went well, it was a long 13 hour day. The problem wasn’t styling or colouring the hair, it was the amount of times we had to re-shoot things or getting the right angle on camera. Maybe  two models on the same day was a bit too ambitious, although the flip side is now I have two great videos to upload on youtube!








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