Miss University Competition 2010

On the 16th March 2010 there will be competition taking place called Miss University. The show is now in the fourth year and is gaining more and more respect each time that it takes place. I haven’t worked on a fashion show for a few months now, so I think it’s about time.

I first got involved about a year ago. I was partying in London’s Vendome club and I was introduced to one of the organisers of Miss University. He knew that at that time I was the man in charge of sponsoring the hair for the BAFTAs, so of course he wanted me on board. At that point I wasn’t really interested but we kept in contact and few months later he explained a lot more about the concept and that OK! Magazine was now interested and I became convinced that it was a good project for me to work on.

I have also got one of my good friends, Natasha Daniels, involved with the show. Natasha is a very good make-up artist and I have worked with her before on a few TV projects, It’s very important to work with people you know, like and trust and Natasha is all the above.

There will be thirteen models and two presenters to style. We are not sure when yet, but one day this week all the girls will come to salon for my team and I to look at their hair and decide a hair theme but can only really be decided once we have seen the dresses that the finalists will be wearing.

As well as myself, my team consists of Christina Avizienyte (good luck trying to pronounce that) and Tara Hale. I have worked with Christina and Tara many times before, for example, three consecutive years styling hair at BAFTAs, British Soap Awards, The National Television Awards and numerous TV and fashion shows. They are both excellent hairstylists and great to work with. For the larger events like the BAFTAs I have seven more team members that work beside me, thirteen heads of hair is classed as a small number compared to the fifty celebrities we worked on at the BAFTAs.

I will of course let you know how it all goes and will hopefully capture plenty of photos to post. In the meantime I had better start revising for my appearance on the Weakest Link. I’m still convinced that I won’t survive the first round, but you never know!!!

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