Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Dec/09

This Christmas has been really busy in the salon, my staff and I were not sure at the beginning of November how busy it was  going to be because of the economic climate but it certainly did go crazy from the end of November, it  needed to because normally the first three weeks of January is very quiet and if you haven’t made enough money over Christmas then you’re in serious trouble, people generally think hair salons make a killing over this period, although we do come January it just averages itself out.

Although I’m a bit of a party goer, I haven’t been to any parties over the Christmas period, I’m just relaxing at home, watching movie after movie and playing the Xbox which I haven’t played in two years, I’ve been shooting aliens on a 150 inch monitor, come on let’s face it who wouldn’t want to shoot aliens on a screen that big lol.

On Christmas day I went to my sister’s house Joanne and apart from my mum Shirley and her boyfriend Ian, saw mainly my sisters side of the family ( which I haven’t seen since the year before), the food was excellent, well done Joanne, a couple of hours into the evening I decided to drink a large glass of good old Baileys (I normally don’t drink much alcohol at all, if  I do I’m a bit of a lightweight) with-in half an hour I was pretty much drunk, annoyed Ian (I think) by acting like a crazy drunk man, fell asleep and woke up two hours later, hung out a bit more then went home to shoot more aliens, I mean what was that all about.

I didn’t get out of bed until really late on  boxing day, I spent most of the day reflecting back at my life for 2009, it certainly has been an exciting year for my business with the PR etc, I’ve had a few girlfriends but single again now, I suppose I mustn’t forget I was married for 13 years so single life is actually quite good, having said that if I met someone and we were right for each other than I would be quite happy to settle down.

I think your starting to understand that I don’t like the normal quiet life but full of excitement and adventure, well next year could be quite that as I already have a huuuuuuge project lined up in my little head of mine, I will leave you with this thought, it will take around a year to pull it off, it’s extremely dangerous and one could quite easily die trying (and I mean that literally),  it will involve around ten people, take between 3-7 weeks to do and will cost about one million pounds, there’s loads of dangerous reasons why I shouldn’t attempt it, will leave it at that folks.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year x

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