In the month of December I was approached by the editor of Luxurious Magazine and asked if I would be interviewed by one of their journalists, although they would first need to experience some of the Stuart Phillips VIP Hair Services.

After reading one of their recent copies of the magazine and looking through many pages of pure indulgence I decided this magazine would be perfect for me to be interviewed.

On the 15th March 2017, I received a copy of Luxurious Magazine with the finished six-page article.

Luxurious Magazine - "A haircut? That'll be £25,000" / Page 1

One photo from the Stuart Philips collection of artistic hairstyles – to view more click here.

Luxurious Magazine - "A haircut? That'll be £25,000" / Page 2

Mr Phillips with short hair (photographed 3 years ago,) with the latest shots of the salon interiors.

Luxurious Magazine - "A haircut? That'll be £25,000" / Page 3

Styling the one and only Ronnie Wood. Maybe Ronnie likes my choice of Electric Guitar, (the one on the left) which is the Jackson King V, made in the good old USA.

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