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Hi, I’m going to get straight into the lingerie party that I was telling you about last time (if you take the word party away that would sound a bit strange!). Well, it was great! Ok, let me elaborate a bit more than that. Tuesday morning I met my manager Christina from Stuart Phillips salon at Piccadilly Circus station. It was so hot that day that all I could wear was a vest and shorts, Christina was wearing a beautiful summer dress (she so made me feel under dressed). We then walked sunbathing down the road to Vendome club where 10 models were waiting for us to see how they looked in the collection of Lingerie. From the ten girls we were to pick seven not six which I said last time, so I dived into my man bag grabbed the camera and started to photograph each girl in their lingerie (and look at their hair of course). Do you feel sorry for me? I mean what a tough job but someone has to do it I suppose! Then the girls had to walk to certain posts around the DJ area while the music was playing and them being filmed. We all had to see how good they looked on the catwalk as it’s not just about how good looking they are. The seven girls have now been chosen, only two weeks to go!

The preparation to the salon’s 15th birthday is coming along quite well. All the posh invites have been given the go ahead to be printed, the ten cars have been booked to pick up all the celebs that are attending, the saxophonist has been booked and OK! Mag and OK! TV has confirmed, pretty excited!!

It’s been a little quiet in the salon the last couple of weeks and I think that is partly due to the lovely weather. I think people are either being naughty and bunking of work or cancelling their hair appointments due to the fact that they would rather be in the park on their lunch break. It is also due to the recession. My partying hasn’t slowed down one bit though, although I have been out ten times since my last blog (two weeks ago). Yes you heard right! My favourite night out was at Movida club off oxford circus in London. It was the launch of Christian Audigier’s fine wines and champagnes. Christian is a pretty big name in the world of clothes designers as he designed all the clothes for the famous American tattooist Ed Hardy. He has his fingers in a lot of different things! The night was pretty star studded – Simon Webbe from the group Blue, Peter Andre, Danni Behr, Miss Dynamite, David Hassellhof and loads of footballers (sorry don’t know their names!). There were more celebs apparently but that’s all I saw. My friend Lara was interviewing them all for fashion TV, so she was excited. In fact Lara and I were photographed in this week’s OK! Mag on the social diary page. It’s the third week on the trot that we have both been seen in OK!. You see a celeb hairdresser with a beautiful girl on his arm and you can’t go wrong! I thought I would show you the photo of Lara and I in OK!

It doesn’t finish there folks. After Movida I went to Crystal club until 4am, got home at 5am, slept three hours then started to write my blog. I’m so going to bed early tonight (he says with three invites in his hand!). Carry on enjoying the good weather in England everyone, I look forward to the next blog.

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