Jessie J Hair Makeover

I have now created quite a few celebrity hair makeover videos, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Cheryl Cole etc. This time I wanted to create another Celeb video but something more edgy and on a model that was willing to undergo a massive hair change, ideally I wanted to replicate the latest Jessie J hairstyle, which is blue black, bobbed, with a below eyebrow length fringe.

One of my friends Marie suggested a friend of hers, a lady called Kate Klimt, so I first took a look at her pics on facebook, (such a handy website) as soon as I saw her I knew she’d be the right model but first had the important task in seeing if she’d be interested in changing her platinum blonde hair to blue black, (it’s the darkest form of black, with a hint of navy) then see if she was interested in losing a few inches from the back and sides, then finally a heavy eyebrow length fringe, which meant cutting around 5 inches to create the fringe.

A photo of Kate before the makeover!

Another shot of Kate!

I explained all to Kate and she seemed very interested, after all I think she was getting bored of her hairstyle, all that Kate needed was reinsurance that it was going to suit her and that I gave her, this was worked out by studying her face shape, bone structure, hair texture and skin tone.

I then made an appointment for Kate to come to the salon and see Lara my colourist and myself for the cut, up until then I only saw a selection of photos so I was a little apprehensive that when I met her, her personality may be wrong for the cut and colour and if so I couldn’t use her as a model because even if it suited her face shape etc, without the correct personality she wouldn’t pull it off but when I met her she most certainly did. Lara also confirmed that blue black would look great on her.

On paper so to speak the colour sounded awesome but Lara explained this process may take several hours because Kate’s hair was actually quite difficult to colour, reason being; her natural colour was a mousy brown, Kate originally bleached her hair to achieve the platinum blonde that she has now and kept it bleached for a couple of years, so presently there was a buildup of different blondes and even an orange tone near the roots.

I then phoned Maria Foster who has already applied make-up to many of my youtube video’s, I explained to Maria that this make-up has to be very powerful, (similar to Jessie J) and asked for dark eye’s with long lashes, black lips with rhinestones etc, I knew if anyone could do this (making it look sexy, powerful and classy) Maria could, she agreed to work with me on this project.

I then asked Annika Zajac if she would be happy to film the video, she agreed and so did the photographer Anna Ferraro, who would be taking all the photographs for the various stages of the transformation.

The day was now set for Sunday 27th March, (always best to film on a Sunday as the salon is closed to clients). Kate was the first to arrive so I decided to take one final look at her hair, Kate seemed a little nervous although you couldn’t blame her, as she was about to go through a huge transformation but was also excited as she trusted Lara and me implicitly.

Once Lara and I got the introduction to camera out the way, (explaining what we were about to do) she then started the hair colour transformation, first she coloured Kate’s hair using a warm undertone to replace the natural undertone that would have been present if the hair was naturally black, if this undertone process isn’t done it could turn the hair a green colour, which we obviously need to avoid, basically a dark colour mixed with a light colour will produce a green shade. This process took about 90 minutes as 2 applications of undertone was needed. Once the warm red colour had been washed and dried, Lara then applied the blue black.

Applying the warm undertone. You can see the different shades of blonde including an orange tone on the combed out piece of hair!

Applying the blue black colour with that lovely hue of blue starting to appear!

Roughly three hours later I began to cut Kate’s hair, I cut a few inches off, taking her hair slightly shorter than Jesse’s because I felt it was more important getting the suitability correct for Kate rather than copying it exact. Once I finished the cut I then began to blow-dry, as the hair was drying you could see more and more of the blue appearing through the black, which was looking rather good if I must say so. The next stage was my favorite part, as I was about to cut a Jessie J style fringe. I combed all the hair forward and started to cut a below eyebrow length fringe, this has to be done really carefully as my scissors were very close to her lashes and eyes and with the camera also very close it can make it a little tense, the reason being as your cutting you need to find the perfect length almost immediately, as it looks better on camera when you go straight for the desired length and chop it off but off camera we have the luxury to chip away as much as we like in order to reach the perfect length. I cut off roughly 5 inches and when finished you could start to see the Jessie J similarities.

Combing out the hair, then ready to start my Jessie J haircut.

Cutting a few inches from the nape of the neck, this is to help strengthen up the bob line!

Blow-drying the hair ready for the fringe to be cut.

Here we go, about to cut in the long eyebrow length fringe!

Precision cutting.

Almost finished cutting the fringe, look at the concentration on my face!!

Always best to check the symmetry of the bob standing up, that way your achieve a perfect bob line.

Maria was up next with the difficult task of creating the Jessie J make-up. I was very excited to see the finished results as this was going to look very powerful but had to be patient as this kind of make-up does take a while to apply. An hour later I wasn’t disappointed, in-fact it looked incredible, I loved the dark eyes surrounding the golden glistening eye lids and the black lips with all those cool looking black rhinestones. As the rhinestones were attaching to her lips you could actually see the light catching the stones and glistening, I just knew that would look great on camera.

Maria starts her make-up transformation.

Eyes starting to look good!

False eyelashes have now been applied.

Colouring the lips black, which is Jessie’s signature colour.

The cool Rhinestones being carefully placed all over the lips.

Once Kate got changed into outfit number 1 and as the weather was so nice we decided to take her outside and film the finished makeover, we asked her to walk up and down Monmouth street with lots of attitude, at first Kate was a bit shy and I don’t blame her as we started to build up quite an audience of people thinking that she was actually Jessie J, (job well done) after a few minutes Kate was pulling it of brilliantly, which I truly did appreciate because her top was a tiny bit revealing and had to walk holding it subtly, (hoping that it wouldn’t open up too much), no disasters there. The second outfit was totally different but equally as good, both were very similar to how Jessie would dress. There was a moment when Kate was standing outside and as she was being filmed her hair started to blow to one side and there was something about this that looked so good, I then started to visualize how amazing the edit was eventually going to look.

Below are the three finished Jessie J looks that were filmed in Monmouth Street.

By 7pm it was a wrap, I was so pleased with the shoot that I knew even before I started to edit that it was going to be my finest hair make-over to date because not only it was the biggest transformation (having that shock factor) but my team and I seemed to get really artistic with this particular video (by the way it was filmed) and the fact that this was the first time that we filmed the finished look in the street.

Everyone was very happy with the shoot but seriously tired, we were all ready to go home and relax, except me of course, I decided that when I got home to start downloading the footage from the video camera to my computer, you see I was far too excited and couldn’t wait till the next day, it took three hours to download, I then slowly started to fall asleep on my couch in front of the TV thinking to myself “what a great shoot”.

Special thanks to –

Kate Klimt – Hair Model

Lara Clark – Technician

Maria Foster –  Make-up

Anna Ferraro – Photographer

Annika Zajac – Camera


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