Janice Dickinson & Stuart Phillips Out On The Town

I was sitting comfortably on my leather couch, eating my dinner and watching an episode of Eastenders when my German Agent Eli phoned me, Eli was responsible for getting me on RTL TV, (German TV) she also has clients in the UK and LA. Anyway getting back to my story, Eli explained that Janice Dickinson is in London for fashion week and wanted me to style her hair the following day around 12 noon, luckily I was only cutting a friends hair at that time, which I decided to move, so of course I said yes but was a little concerned about her time keeping as I had a client straight after.

Although I style many celebrities, I have never met or styled Janice’s hair, so therefore I was a little apprehensive but still very keen to meet and style her hair, this would be for the many shows and after parties that she would be attending later that evening.

Eli organised Janice to meet me at the salon at 11.45am, so I arranged to be there for 11.30am, as I arrived at Covent Garden station I noticed that I had received a voicemail, it was my receptionist Kate letting me know that Janice had arrived, I was very surprised that Janice was early because my own experience of celebrities are, they never usually arrive on time, so from the start I knew that I was dealing with a professional person.

When I walked into the salon I noticed that Janice was nowhere to be seen, Kate explained that she was across the road in a fashion shop called Unconditional, Janice was not only looking at their clothes but also getting friendly with the staff, clever lady!!

Kate then informed her that I had arrived. When Janice walked in the first thing we did was hug each other, that broke the ice immediately, Janice then informed me that her hair was already washed, I then suggested putting heated rollers straight in, which she agreed. Janice had extensions which makes it a tad harder putting them in because of the bonds but the flip side is, once the rollers are in, the hair sets a lot easier.

The thing that I love about Janice is she speaks her mind, there is no holding back, she thinks, she says, I like that.

While I was halfway through placing in the rollers, Eli arrived, then the journalist Justin, followed by the photographer, the photographer started to snap away almost immediately, then Justin started the interview.

Once all the rollers were placed in, I blasted it with lots of spray and let Justin continue with the interview.

Janice showing of her bicepts. Standing next to me is Justin, just before he interviewed Janice.

Janice Checking out my stomach muscles, after looking at a bodybuilding photo of me from 10 years ago, she was just checking to see if I still had the muscle! I was pretty big then, weighing a hefty 16 stone.

I think Janice approves!

What a great smile, think she’s liking the fact that I’ve used  lots of rollers, the more you use the fuller and wavier it will look.

Placing in the last roller 🙂

Setting the rollers a little more by using some hairspray.

Twenty minutes later I began to take out the rollers, Janice also decided to join in, she was taking them out so fast that the apprentice couldn’t take them off her quick enough and the majority were landing on the floor, think she wanted them out super fast!!

Once they were all out the fun begun, I needed to create fullness by backcombing the hair but at the same time not lose the curl, so I begun to backcomb like crazy, (LA people like big hair) as it happens Janice wanted it full but not over done, so for me that was a good thing, as I prefer when hair is a bit more natural than over done. The backcombing was the easy part and only took a few minutes.

Backcombing the hair, to give some fullness.

Lots of spray to hold the style.

Appling the finishing touches.

Spraying the hair some more.

This style needs a fair amount of spray, especially knowing that we were about to photograph Janice outside.
Just an observation, look how small I am compared to Janice, I’m actually 5 foot 10, think Janice in her heels is about 6 foot 3, or there about.

Luckily my next client was running a bit late, (as Eli wanted a quick photo shoot with both of us outside of the salon).

Janice dictated the majority of the shoot, which I found to be very professional, Janice knows exactly what she wants and how to achieve it, I mean come on, she’s had over 40 years of experience, (the world’s first super model) which in my books makes her the goddess of photo shoots.

I thought the fun started with the backcombing, how wrong was I, the fun really started when I was being snapped outside the salon, there was a yellow Corvette parked just outside and Janice and I was posing all over the car whilst being snapped in every position possible, (not in that way), but you know what, Janice worked it brilliantly. (There were about 100 shots taken near or on the Corvette, unfortunately can’t show them all)

Almost everybody that walked passed us during the shoot got their camera phones out and took a few snaps, including the paparazzo, as well as this we had all the people that were working in various shops in Monmouth Street, walk outside their premises with their camera’s as well. The shoot continued for about 30 minutes.

The next few photos are of me styling Janice’s hair in the street, (all part of the shoot)

Love this shot, with the cigarette in her mouth.

Another good shot, to the right we have the French flag belonging to the restaurant Mon Plaisir, to the left we have the British flag belonging to the Covent Garden Hotel.

Look at me, I really didn’t know what to do next, lol.

OK, I’m thinking!!

Let’s do some more hair!

A few more shots outside the salon.

Think Janice was happy, while she squeezes the life out of me 🙂
This is the shop Unconditional, where Janice got her complimentary clothes from.

Janice looks lovely in this shot.

This photo was taken in Unconditional.

Janice is offering me £1 for doing her hair, cheapskate, lol.

The look on my face says it all.

Janice is back in the car, making her way to the Burberry fashion show, you can tell she’s thinking, if only that  hairdresser Stuart Phillips could be with me now, my hair would look fantastic all night.

Straight after the shoot, I walked back into the salon for my next client, (I was so pleased he was 30 minutes late, I would never normally say that). I must admit I was on a bit of a high (a natural one of course) and I was quite excited to talk about my photo shoot, he was actually annoyed that he missed it and would have quite happily waited for me had he been on time.

A few minutes after I finished the cut I received a call from Eli asking me to go across the road to the fashion shop Unconditional and ask them for another dress, the one she wanted was the same dress but in pink, what I didn’t realize at this point was Janice had already got an outfit for herself, (this was to wear at the fashion show that she was attending later that day) and a complete outfit for her son Nathan, (this was all complimentary by the way), Janice certainly knows how to work it but I suppose it’s also good for Unconditional to say that Janice wares their clothes. I think she basically changed her mind and fancied wearing a pink dress that she previously saw in the shop.

I walked across the road and spoke to Philip the designer and he explained that he couldn’t give her anything else today for free but would give her a 70% discount, (I suppose that’s fair enough) I didn’t want to explain this to Janice so very sheepishly I handed the phone to Philip and waited patiently for him to return my phone, as he handed it back I thought to myself, oh well Janice, you’re wearing the black dress this evening.

That evening I was planning to go out with my good friend Lara, Lara had invited me to the Burberry after show party, (which I was looking forward to) At 9pm I walked out of the salon and started to make my way, I then received a call from Eli suggesting that I party with her and Janice, considering that I had such a fun time in the afternoon and would also be great to meet some of Janice’s friends, I decided to ditch the Burberry party and head down to Mayfair and meet Eli and Janice. Eli has such good connections in the fashion world, that she had been invited to about every party in Bond street, including  Dolce & Gabbana and Longchamp. I did feel a little bad because Lara is one of my best friends and didn’t want to let her down but I knew she would understand that the evening was about gaining some PR for me.

The first party we attended was BIBA, as I walked in I recognised a few faces from the fashion industry but when Janice walked in all eyes focussed on her, Janice was so accommodating that she introduced me to near enough everyone important in the fashion world that was in that room, (who I obviously didn’t know) even though Janice was from LA she still ended up knowing quite a few people, which I suppose didn’t surprise me.

After making my way round the room, chatting to many people I noticed that there was a photo booth and of course many people wanted a photo with Janice, as I approached the booth Janice said come on you, your coming in the booth with me, so I followed her in and we captured some cool shots.

As I walked out the head designer of Biba tried to catch my attention and then started to chat with me, she explained that the house of Fraser bought this brand a little while back and they wanted to give the clothes a fresh new feel, (this brand has been around for a long time).

At the next party, (Longchamp) Janice was the first to walk in, followed by Eli and then me, as I walked in Janice was already being photographed by the paparazzi, I started to watch the pro at work, then a few seconds later Janice grabbed my hands and pulled me in the photo, then Jo Woods arrived (Ronnie Woods ex wife) and all three of us were being snapped, that was so cool of Janice to include me.

At the Longchamp party, joining us was Jo Woods.

Kate Moss was the next big name to arrive, Janice introduced me to her, this was the first time that I met Kate, we didn’t speak for long but still, who cares it was Kate Moss, there was a man standing next to Kate so I decided to say hi, he ignored me by turning away, this annoyed me so I walked around him and said hi again, he turned away from me the second time, I thought who is this guy, it turned out to be the billionaire Philip Green, oh well, I spoke to Kate Moss, what more did I want.

I looked at Janice’s hair and decided to do a little more backcombing, she was cool with that, so we walked over to the side of the shop and with my fingers I gently backcombed her hair. Once her hair was refreshed, Janice asked me what I thought of one of their expensive handbags, I replied that I loved it, she then took it off the shelf, I suppose she was about to find the store manager and ask if she could keep it, as Janice picked up the bag one of the security guards approached her and asked her to put it back, Janice replied ” I want this bag so f… off” she then headed towards the front of the shop, meanwhile the security man was watching very carefully, Janice approached the manager and said I would like this this bag, the manager replied no problem, the security man then walked away, Janice then requested to the manager that she wanted a second bag but the bigger version, the manager was very accommodating and gave her the second one complimentary as well.

I learned from that point on that if Janice wants something she gets it, I couldn’t help love her for that.

Other stars that attended this event was, David Gandy, TV presenters Donna Air and Tess Daly, Sadie Frost, and photographer Mario Testino.

Our entourage had now grown, as Jo Wood and her friend Michael now joint us. As we were walking down the road (heading for Jo’s limousine, to take us to the Dolce & Gabbana party) all of a sudden lots of flashes started to go off in our faces, there were about five paparazzi photographing us as we were walking.

Janice flashing her knickers, I’m so pleased that I was concentrating and not pulling too much of a face, lol.

Bellow is the actual article from the Daily Mail, I noticed in the article they made a mistake, it says that these photos were taken on the way to the Longchamp party, it was actually taken after we left. I suppose it doesen’t really matter either way, but might as well tell it as it is.


We then made it to Jo’s limousine. As we approached the party the only way in was with the help of a couple of security guys, this was because it was so packed from the outside, they literally had to push people out of the way. Once inside we all headed for the VIP area, where Naomi Campbell was, the reason for Naomi being there was, she created a collection of limited edition T-shirts, which will be sold at a series of events hosted by Naomi with all the proceeds going to her charity, Fashion for relief. Naomi was signing the boxes containing her t-shirts, I spoke to Naomi for around 30 seconds but considering she was working I thought that I did pretty well. Some of Naomi’s other guests included, Lilly Allen, Alexandra Burke, Pixie Lott, Jamelia and Claudia Schiffer, I managed to spot Lilly and Jamelia.

The next party we attended was at a gallery where Jo’s son Tyrone was having an art exhibition, must admit the paintings were very good, in the middle of the gallery were many models sitting in some sort of purpose built set, with cotton wool attached to the prop and also in the models hair, they were all dressed in white, looked pretty cool. We stayed for about 20 minutes then moved on to the next party.

At this point my mind goes blank, I can’t remember the name of the fashion house party but who cares, I’d been to the most prestigious one’s. We stayed for no more than 20 minutes, then we headed back to Jo’s limousine.

We were all quite hungry now, so Jo invited us to eat with her at the fish restaurant called Scott’s, situated in Mayfair, the food was very nice and certainly cured all those hunger pains, (I previously ate at 2pm, it was now 11pm) Janice and Jo seemed to know a lot of the people, I’m not just talking about the staff, I mean random people that were eating there (and I thought I knew a lot of people).

The next stop was the club Mahiki on Dover Street, or should I say the final stop, pretty tired at this stage, remember I had been cutting hair for most part of the day and taking part in Janice’s shoot.

From the moment we got out of the limousine and approached the club, there were many people shouting things like “Janice we love you” or “your awesome Janice” at one point Janice snatched a camera from one of the paparazzo and started taking photos of different people outside, of course the other paparazzi loved this and started shooting Janice shooting other people, it was funny.

I stayed at Mahiki’s for about an hour then decided to say goodbye to my new friend Janice and Jo, I then gave Eli a big hug and thanked her for the wonderful evening.

This was one of the most fun and interesting nights out I’ve had in a while. I’ll most likely be visiting Janice in LA sometime in November. That could be one to blog about!!

Have placed a link bellow of me Styling Janice Dickinson’s hair, this is for London Fashion Week, February 2011.


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