Ivana Blows Her Own Trumpet

The story in the press recently about Ivana and me is 100% true. It’s one of those funny stories where you laugh and probably think “Nah, that didn’t happen” or you think “I bet some of that is made up”. So, from the horse’s mouth, a few years back I did a lot of photo shoots for various celebs, mainly for Hello magazine. One morning I received a call from my agent at the time Phil Hall, (who previously was the editor of News of the World and Hello magazine) and asked me to style Ivana Trump’s hair for a Hello magazine shoot which would take place in St Tropez. So, as well as packing my scissors, hairdryer and brushes (and because I never previously met Ivana) I thought it wise to pack a dozen or so hair pieces,  just making sure I had the exact shade of blonde.

I flew to St Tropez with my friend Jo Sugar who was also doing the makeup. Once I met Ivana I showed her the hair pieces (as Ivana always wears her hair up normally with a hair piece in). Strangely enough, on that day Ivana fancied wearing her hair down and just blow-dried, which was cool because that is obviously a lot easier, but I must have spent at least half a day looking at hair pieces.

Once I had finished the blow dry and Jo had finished the makeup, the photographer then started to snap away. Before the shoot had finished, all of a sudden Ivana played some music that sounded very similar to her own voice. Ivana informed me that it was her own single that she made and asked me to dance along with the majority of her staff. When I said that I preferred not to dance she insisted, so who am I to argue with that? I must admit I was a little embarrassed but slowly got used to it, (the dancing I mean) Ivana definitely knows how to entertain and  I certainly didn’t expect that.

The photo shoot  finished soon after the dance off and as the sun was still shining, off I went to the beach!

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