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The last couple of weeks have been a little quiet on the work front, reason being it’s the Easter holidays and this is typically a quiet time of year. On top of that it’s half term for the young ones, although clients still want their hair cut they time it just before the Easter break as a lot of people take a holiday around this time of year.

The other reason it’s so quiet is probably because quite a few of my clients have been stranded at various countries (due to the Icelandic Volcano eruption). As from today planes are back in the sky (thankfully) , how stressful that must have been for everyone! Especially for the families that couldn’t afford extra nights in the hotel.

As mentioned in one of my previous blogs about my trip to Germany (cutting hair for an RTL documentary), thought it would be good to work on other TV shows based in Europe. The strange coincidence is I met a guy who lives in the Netherlands and he was invited to my salon by a mutual friend the same day as I was filming, he watched my work with interest, then contacted me from the Netherlands and asked if I was interested in working on a TV show there, it sounded very interesting, will have to see what happens!!

I was interviewed on the phone today for a pilot of a new make-over show for one of the terrestrial channels (I have to be a bit coy here). It would be great to get this as I enjoy cutting hair on TV. The styles for the show would need to be achieved very quick, that’s not a problem for me as I can work extremely fast under pressure, at the moment the production company will be looking for potential hairdressers throughout Britain, it would be good to get to the screening stage because that’s where I would excel.

I’ve learned that about every ten TV projects one auditions for, if you can achieve one or even two then It’s good going, this is very true in my case because the calibre of things I generally go for, whether it’s TV or articles for newspapers, are all massive in terms of PR therefore hard to obtain, I suppose It’s all about having the right face, the right idea at the right timing.

I have now waited a few months for an answer from the Guinness Book of records (to climb Mount Everest and complete a haircut as far up as possible). I suspect that they are not interested otherwise I would have heard back by now, the good thing is my life won’t be in danger, the bad thing is I really want to achieve this, I will write to them again and see what response I get.

On Thursday evening I went to my friend Gemma’s leaving party, Gemma used to work for the News of The World and more recently their Sunday magazine Fabulous, Gemma has now moved to Looks magazine, was a lovely send off, I also got to meet quite a few of the team including the Editor of Fabulous Sally Eden, Sally was lovely and very down to earth.

The party finished around 10pm, then I headed off to the Miss Great Britain London heat, that was good fun, had a few pics taken by the management then partied until 3am.

Summer is coming to England and it feels so good, even done a little sunbathing and it’s only mid April, here’s for a long hot summer in 2010 🙂

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