Filming at Stuart Phillips Hair Salon

I thought for this blog it would be nice to show you some of my work as you have not yet seen the maestro in action!!

With this in mind my friend Max and I decided to make some hair videos, we also decided (as I own a high quality Camcorder) for Max to do the filming rather than hiring an outside cameraman as he has vast experience in this field.

I was busy with other projects, so Max very kindly offered to find a TV presenter and make-up artist for our filming. I met The TV presenter, Ali Defoy for the first time on the day of the filming. Ali was an absolute gem, not only because she was extremely professional and excellent at her job, she was also a really lovely person.

Sara Tidey was to apply all the make-up. Sara is a very good make-up artist and also a lovely person, who was a pleasure to work with. Halfway through the day Sara and I worked out that we had previously met each other at a friend’s gig a few months before. What a small world!

My friend Natasha Charles did all the still photography, which I intend to use for my website and any future press photos. Natasha is an excellent photographer as you can see from the photos bellow.

The idea was to capture myself on film re-styling the hair for one of my friends Anja Helen Fagerli, who is a professional pop singer.  Anja’s hair was starting to break from bleaching etc, so it needed a good chop.

Although I’ve been cutting hair for many years I would class Anja’s hair as fairly difficult to cut. The quality was dry, frizzy and slightly fluffy, but I knew that after I had cut around five or so inches off, it would look much better. All I needed her to do was trust me and she certainly did, In my favor Anja has a nice face to work with, which made the job slightly easier.

This is what Anja’s hair looked like before. From the two photos bellow you can’t really make out the quality of her hair, (this is because Anja had previously blow-dried it smooth) what you can see is that it doesn’t have a nice shape.

Bellow, just before the big chop Max is doing his sound check, Anja’s looking fairly excited, or she’s probably thinking, should I, shouldn’t I!! and there’s me thinking should I cut five or six inches off!!

 Anja feeling her long locks for the last time, she looks great in this photo, sorry though I’m not convinced it’s still coming off.

  Here we go, too late to turn back now!!

 TV Presenter Ali interviewing and watching Anja’s transformation.

 Half way through and all I need to do now is layer, chop into and slice the hair, the technique of chopping and slicing helps give the hair a lot more texture and even depth.

 Wow, that’s a lot of  hair chopped off, looking good though!!

Just making sure it’s all the same length, then off to make-up.

Anja has to be thinking, where’s all my hair gone!! and there’s Sara debating which colour make-up to use!

 Thought it would be nice to capture a photo of the team. I spoke to Anja a week later and she told me that everybody loved her new style, including her, I’m really pleased 🙂

 My next model was the lovely Christina, who I have the pleasure of working with, Christina is my Manager, Colourist, blow-dry and styling expert and also nail technician.

For this style I didn’t need to cut her hair as I was placing it up into a similar version of the Audrey Hepburn style  (a little more 2010 though) and like Anja’s hair this was also a challenge because when I originally placed Christina’s hair up for an MSN video her hair was much longer, the challenge was to get all the hair at the nape of her neck into the style and boy do I love a challenge.

Just before the hair up, checking that I can actually get the hair up!!

 Backcombing Christina’s hair, making it easier to put up.

Lots of hairspray and grips.

 One side of her hair is now gripped back, the other side to go.

With both sides pinned back, it was time to backcomb the top of her hair, this was to create more shape and height.

 That’s enough height, any more will be too much for Christina, reason being her face has a little length to it already.

Waiting patiently for her make-up to be applied by Sara. You can see the profile shape quite well  from the photo bellow.

 Showing Christina the back, please smile it looks really good, think she’s just taking it all in!

My challenge is now complete, Christina’s finished hair up, I think she likes it! We have a smile!!!

Towards the end of the day I asked Natasha to take some still portraits of me which would be used for the press as they normally ask for a photo and I like to have an updated choice. While Natasha was snapping away a paparazzi was walking passed and saw all the flashes going off as well as Max filming so he put his head through the door and started to snap away, which in turn caused people passing by to look in, at one point it got crazy, but funny though.

To find my videos,  on the left hand side press the link “Stuart’s Videos”.  I hope to have this uploaded with-in the next month or so, I’ll let you know when It’s done.

Until next time.

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