Do you think you have the perfect hairstyle

Last week I was invited to a party at Molton House in London. These parties are always very good and normally have some sort of theme, if not a theme then a fashion designer would be showcasing their latest collection (all this would be arranged by the Button Club events). For this particular party a fashion designer called Christoforos Kotentos was showcasing his collection.

To make things a little more interesting I phoned up my cameraman Scott (who has already accumulated footage of me for a possible documentary) and asked if he would be interested in shooting some more film, once I explained the set-up to him he was interested. This was my idea, a TV presenter would approach people in a  club and ask them “do you think you have the perfect hairstyle?” most people would be intrigued with that question and if they sounded positive the presenter would say “we have a celebrity hairdresser here, would you be interested if he gave you a complimentary hair consultation on camera”.

The TV presenter I approached for this was Annika Zajac (who is also a singer and actress). Annika is a talented presenter and just as importantly a very approachable person, I knew she would be perfect for this. Check Annika out here

When Annika first approached people in the club a few shied away from camera but as the evening progressed it got a little easier (that thing called alcohol) The only difficult part of the filming was later on in the evening when it became very busy and a little too noisy for the microphone.

Annika had a great talent for talking people into being filmed, at one stage I tried to talk a certain lady into it, she was fine about the hair consultation but not the filming part, so needless to say I had little success, then Annika said don’t worry I’ll get her for you, I thought to myself this was going to be interesting but you know what, she did it with ease, (well in my defence all I can say is it’s not as easy as it looks) For me this was great as all I had to do was the consultation (I suppose it was still a challenge in the crazy noisy atmosphere). We managed to interview around five girls, which was fine because after that Annika and I (between us) interviewed the fashion stylist Christoforos Kotentos, Richard Austin Reece (who works alongside the Button club in organising the event) and Tiger Lilly who was their performing a few songs.

At some point during the evening Richard asked if I would like to sit with the models for some photographs, which was perfect because Scott was also capturing this on camera. So I gladly parked myself in-between 10 models while a dozen or so photographers were snapping away. The end results were excellent, very surreal as you can see from the photo bellow. (I’m the small spec in the middle between Richard and Christoforos, lol).

Photo: Chris Montgomery.

At around 11pm Scott finished the filming and went home (as he obtained enough footage)  Annika and I stayed longer to party.

The next big event that the button club is presenting is on the 25th June and the theme being “THE FALL OF ROME IMPERIAL BALL”. For this one I’ll need to come dressed as a centurion, gladiator or Emperor. I’m definitely putting that one in my diary 🙂

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