Diary Update

What a busy few weeks I’ve had!! With lots of fun and a little disappointment. Let’s start with the not so good first. The lingerie fashion show party that I was really looking forward to was cancelled which was so annoying. The fashion designer had an argument with the events side that was putting the show on and they’re the one’s that pull the crowds in. So unless you’re someone with a huge name behind you, you need an events company, so that’s on the back burner for now.

Ok the good stuff. On Tuesday I went to my friend’s birthday bash at Jou Jou’s which is a new club in the Kings Road. It was a great night but I shouldn’t have gone because It was my own 15th birthday party the next day. I was very bad and left around 3am then had an hour’s journey home.

The next morning my alarm clock went off at about 8am. I was really excited about my birthday bash but still pretty nervous. I was nervous because I wanted all the celebrities that were invited to turn up, if they didn’t OK! Magazine wouldn’t publish my party on the OK! social diary. I was also nervous that a lot of the other guests wouldn’t turn up and without them there wouldn’t be much of an atmosphere and would look embarrassing for the press that was invited. I basically wanted to put on one hell of a good party for them, so you can understand why I was feeling like that.

At 10am all my juniors, my management team and of course myself was spring cleaning in areas that I never knew existed. I also had to ask the Covent Garden Hotel if they could store my 8 foot couch so there would be enough room for the 100 invited guests. To my surprise the hotel manager said yes, so problem number one was sorted. Then all the stuff for the goody bags arrived by 11am – that kept my PR company busy putting them all in the bags. Miller Harris offered a beautiful scented candle, Kérastase + L’Oréal Professionnel gave me three products, Kiel’s offered a few sachets of body lotions and Power Plate offered a 20 minute session. Most importantly I offered a free blow-dry to everyone that attended, very brave of me don’t you think?

The party was due to start at 5.30pm and by 5.15pm there were nine paparazzi outside I couldn’t believe it (yes I counted them all). They were behind the posts that were set up outside the front of the salon, that in itself was a great start. I just kept my fingers crossed that all the celebs would make it. At 5.30pm I saw lots of flashes going off from the paparazzi, so I knew some celebs were about to walk in. I must admit that moment was exciting! It was Connie Huck and Zoe Salmon, they arrived together and at about the same time as they walked in there were crowds of public starting to camp outside the salon because what they could see were lots of paparazzi, red carpet and cool music being played. After about ten minutes the OK! photographer wanted a photo of myself with Connie and one with Zoe. By that stage there were about 50 press people in the salon and other celebrities were showing up. I knew this because I could see the flashes of cameras going off outside again. Every time I saw this I just wanted to leave whoever I was talking to and have a look which celeb was about to walk through my salon doors! Even now I’m not exactly sure of every celeb that showed, the reason being it was so packed and some celebs only stayed for twenty minutes or so. I’m waiting for confirmation from my PR agents to tell me exactly who showed up. The one’s that I noticed were Connie Huck, Zoe Salmon, Stephen Booth, Liz Cundie, Kristina Rhianoff, Liz Fuller, Caroline Ferriday, Victoria Hart, Hannah Sandling, Georgina Bouzova, and Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace.

The party went on till 9.30pm and I had an average of eighty people. In the four hours my guests drunk ninety four bottles of champagne, fifty bottles of beer, thirty trays of canapés and eighty cup cakes!

Straight after the party most of my staff stayed behind to try and tidy the salon as best as they could, then at 10pm my staff and a few friends went to the Covent Garden Hotel for even more drinks, then at 12am went clubbing.

All in all the party was a great success and I have had quite a few newspaper articles and website write-ups, so a happy bunny I am.
The day after my party I was invited to the Electric Birdcage club in the Haymarket, there were a lot of Olympic Medallists that had been invited because it was a charity event involving these sports celebrities. I got to meet Linford Christie and his beautiful niece. Apparently there were loads of sporting heroes there but unfortunately I’m useless spotting them, but Linford was very recognizable.

Friday evening OK! mag phoned me and invited me to Mark Fuller’s birthday party. Mark is the owner of the Embassy Club in London, so I told OK! to piss off I’m too tired to go, YEAH RIGHT, got there for about 11pm, it was actually worth going too, got my photo taken by OK! Magazine would you believe and mingled with some really cool people, but had to leave at 3am as I had work the next day and for a hairdresser Saturday is a really busy day so needed at least a few hours sleep.

Saturday at work was manic, at 1pm one of my apprentices came up to me and informed me that there was no more water coming through so had to leave my client and deal with that, (had to use Vidal Sassoon’s basins which was very kind of them) managed to get the water fixed by the end of day though, so my four hours sleep wasn’t paying off, I know it was my fault, but what a good night at the Embassy.

Saturday you would think any normal rational person would stay in and get some much needed sleep, think again, my friend Alan Endfield phoned me and invited me to his club called Volstead, he said if you come down I’ll give you and your friends the VIP section normally costing £1500, so who was I to turn that down, got six mates together and partied at Volstead till 4am, boy had the best sleep ever on Sunday.

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