Confessions Of A Celebrity Hairdresser – Part 2

Confessions of a celebrity hairdresser, Part 2 – Hair Blog 2 copy


In 2004 I was approached by the production manager of Chicago who wanted me to look after the man himself David Hasselhoff  while he was performing. For three months I cut David’s hair and in this time we also became friends. Whenever David’s in London he always tries to pop into the salon.

In 2007 my PR and I came up with an idea and which was to create the most expensive hair-up in the world and strangely enough this was created for the 2007 BAFTA’s. This was the year that I didn’t sponsor, but teamed up with Michelle Scott Lee, whom agreed to be my guest at the BAFTA’s and I would place a million pounds worth of diamonds in her hair.

My agent approached Closer Magazine and they decided to run with the story a week before the BAFTA’s. A photo shoot was set up and the style that was to be seen at the BAFTA’s was first created for Closer magazine.

This was made possible by using a hair piece and setting it on rollers. Big pin curls were placed in the hair piece and dressed out. Michelle’s hair was placed in a tight ponytail just below the crown where the hairpiece was fitted, then the diamonds were placed in the hair piece (which were originally placed onto hair clips supported with glue by my art team). The clips were then placed in the hair piece. There was also a security man present watching our every  move!

Although I didn’t officially sponsor the BAFTA’s in 07, ironically it was the best year for achieving the most PR at the BAFTA’s since 2004.

At the end of 2006 the production for ITV’s Dancing on Ice 2  asked me if I would like to style Torvil and Dean’s hair. The only thing was I had to sell her 10 weeks’ worth of ideas for ways to wear her hair. I was one of quite a few hairdressers that ITV approached. Jane Torvil then had a meeting with me to see if I could come up with a good style for her hair. I was later told that I was the only hairdresser that came up with the idea of having hair extensions applied. Jane’s hair was only a few inches long and any hair cut that she had would have been too short for her face, so I recommended a style that would be twelve inches longer and each week would have a different up or down style depending on her dance routine. Jane agreed for me to style her hair, which meant looking after her for ten weeks of filming. I also styled and coloured Christopher’s hair.

In 2007 I wanted to do something quite different within the hairdressing industry and came up with an idea which could have been hit or miss. I wanted to be included into the Guinness book of World Records 2009 for creating the most expensive hair cut in the world. This took a lot of thinking because firstly, who and why would someone pay a lot of money and secondly, how would I find that person? I think that most people would have given up at that stage but not I.

The first thing I did was create a package on my website offering a unique service which would include flying you over and creating a special package never before offered. This package was introduced to different magazines around the world and Russian Vogue was one of them. They featured a story on me and my amazing hair package. I then had Russians flying over paying a staggering amount of money, which was anywhere between £8,000 and £20,000. The £8,000 package included the flight over, my only client of the day would be that client (in case of flight delays) and a champagne meal. The £20,000 package would also include your own personal shopper, bodyguard, personal chef, PA and the chance to bring a person with them for exactly the same service at a discounted price of £8000.

A few weeks later I was contacted by a lady that saw my article in Russian Vogue. She came in for an £8,000 hair cut and loved the service so much that she decided to come back again! By the third visit I asked her if she was interested in being part of the Guinness book of records and she agreed! (obviously loved the fuss!)

On the 29th October 2007 I went into the Guinness Book of Records for the most expensive hair cut in the world costing £8,000 (It is currently in the 2009 edition). This record was previously held by Lee Stafford at £1,000.

Just before the Tennis season started (Wimbledon 2008), I was asked to look after the hair for Serena and Venus Williams for a pre-Wimbledon party hosted by Sir Richard Branson. I decided to use the diamonds again but slightly differently as this had to work with Serena’s hair and rather than placing a hair piece just below the crown  it was to be placed to one side of the hairline. Firstly I straightened Serena’s hair, then brushed it to one side and placed the hair piece over it (that was pre-styled in the salon) and then once again with our bodyguard watching placed all those diamonds in the hair piece.

My salon has now been in business for over fourteen years and I’m as excited as ever to continue in the growth of my name and finding new niches in this ever demanding industry.

I hope this has given you a good insight to Stuart Phillips. I will enjoy continuing to write about this exciting profession and any interesting social events that I attend.

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