Celebrity Hair Makeover’s Rihanna Style

Since my last video, (two months ago) which was a Cheryl Cole make-over; I’ve really been looking forward to the next celebrity hair make-over, It’s not easy to organize these video shoots as there’s so many elements involved. Choosing the perfect team is of the upmost importance, this includes; Make-up artist, Camera operator,  Photographer,  Great models and of course a fabulous colourist from my salon. Lucky for me I know quite a few of each.

Rather than going to a model agency I tend to approach some of my good looking friends. It’s a good deal for them, as they receive a complimentary cut, colour and the finished edited video.

For this particular shoot I decided to make-over two models, one would be a similar style to Katy Perry’s hair and the other Rihanna. This wasn’t an easy task because Rihanna’s latest look (from the beginning of February 2011) was bright red hair with a short choppy fringe and Katy Perry’s hair is jet black, what I needed was to find models that would suit this type of hair.

Before shot of Katy.

Katy had a mixture of red and brown hair so a strong red would definitely suit her. I also needed to cut a fringe just above her brows, similar to this photo of Rihanna bellow.

This particular red of Rihanna would not suit many people, so one of my colourists Lara had the task of choosing a red that would suit Katy’s skin tone rather than just copying Rihanna’s red exactly,  hairdressing is all about suitability so the red that Lara will choose will be our interpretation but very similar.

The other model I chose was Martina, when I originally looked at Martina’s hair it was a light brown so I could see from that the black would really suit her skin tone and colour of eyes.

Before shot of Martina.

I decided to make life more difficult by styling Martina’s hair in two completely different ways, both were signature Katy Perry styles, first look would be side parted and set in rollers but leaving out the roots, this would give it a wavy sexy feel but with straighter roots (similar to the photo bellow)

The second style would be a high funky ponytail, (similar to the photo bellow but slightly more fanned out, making it even more funky than Katy’s).

As the shoot was on a Sunday I decided to drive because travelling the Central line on a Sunday is pretty hit and miss (engineering work etc). The shoot started at 10am (not too early for a Sunday) as I arrived outside the salon Anna the photographer was already waiting,  this was a good opportunity to go through the entire day with her one more time, the photography is such an important part of the shoot because I normally incorporate them into the video and of course this blog.

Next to arrive was my first model Katy, I knew Katy would look fabulous on film, not only because she’s nice looking but also has a lovely personality which comes across well on film. Scott who was filming was next to arrive and with-in 5 minutes he started to film, I was talking to camera about the style that I was going to create on Katy, that was probably the hardest part because I had to talk for about 10 minutes. Lara and Christina arrived next, Lara was going to colour Katy’s hair and Christina was to colour Martina’s hair.

The second model Martina and Maria the make-up artist both arived next, Lara then started to colour Katy’s hair and I did the same thing to camera with Martina, (talking about what I was going to do).

Lara applying the first colour to Katy’s hair. So far Katy’s looking very excited about her new Rihanna style. Hope she’s going to like the end result!!

Lara applying the second colour, you can now see the intensity of the red.

Christina just starting to apply the black to Martina’s light brown hair.

Christina in full swing as Scott starts to film. Check out how thick Martina’s hair is, lucky girl.

The difficult part of the day was filming two different video’s back to back without the camera seeing both at once, (due to the many mirrors in the salon), aside from this the day was progressing fairly well.

Maria started her make-up around 2pm; I like working with Maria as she is always professional and so good at what she does, a gem to work with.

Maria starting to apply some of the make-up on Katy.

Looking at Katy’s hair one last time before I start to cut.

Cutting a short choppy fringe into Katy’s hair.

Maria finishing off Katy’s make-up.

Katy’s very happy with the finished look.

Starting to cut Martina’s hair, can’t remember if I cracked a joke !!

Before I set Martina’s hair in rollers I needed to blow-dry her hair straight, this is because it’s slightly wavy and a touch frizzy and if you place the rollers straight in you will not get a good result.

The rollers are being placed in Martina’s hair in a very specific way, (they are not wound right up to the roots), this is because I want to keep the root area straighter, (similar to Katy Perrys hair)

The last few rollers going in.

Maria applying Martina’s make-up.

Rollers are out and I’m just putting the final tweaks into place. Can’t remember what I was whistling to!! Lol.

Martina’s first finished style. Went for more of  a natural look with the make-up than Katy Perry’s. Martina was really happy with her style, unfortunately I was about to brush it all out ready for the second look.

Maria changing Martina’s lipstick for the second look.

Have brushed out the first style and starting to scoop the hair up (with the help of one of my apprentices Santana) into a high ponytail.

Have now taken a small section at the front of the ponytail and made a plait, the plait was then wrapped around the base of the ponytail and gripped in.

I am now back-combing the ponytail, then carefully smoothing into place with a paddle brush to produce a fanned out look.

Looking in the mirror making sure that the ponytail is perfect.

Martina’s finished second look.

A week later and I have now finished the first edit of Katy (Rihanna). I have placed the youtube link bellow. Next week I’ll start the edit of Martina, (Katy Perry) and when finished will  add the link bellow.

I’m looking forward to the next makeover video, at this moment not sure what style I’ll choose, think I’ll finish the second edit first before I decide!!


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