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Over the Easter holidays everything was a little quiet but the last couple of weeks it’s all gone crazy busy. I should be used to that by now, it never builds up gradually but literally from one extreme to the other. Well I can’t complain.

Being so busy is the reason why I haven’t had time to blog. Normally I get to write them around 1am but I have been so tired lately (due to working 7 days a week) and end up falling asleep at the keyboard.

It’s now 1.30am and I feel wide awake so I’m going to write about my experience which took place last week.

As there are a lot of Eastenders fans out there as well as Strictly Come Dancing fans, then you probably would have heard of Natalie Cassidy. The shoot was for Natalie and her soon to be husband Adam. This was for OK! Magazine and was also being filmed by E4. They were filming Natasha and Adam for a reality TV show, so double whammy for me!

This is how my day progressed; my alarm clock woke me at 7am, (this is exceptionally early for me as I’m a bit of a night owl). Although I didn’t need to be there until 10.30am I thought I would leave in plenty of time for the journey as it was at least 90 minutes drive and that’s if I didn’t get lost (sat nav’s never quite get you there, especially when it loses signal due to lots of trees etc). I’m pleased I did as I got ridiculously lost and it took me over two hours of driving but I still arrived on time, just.

The shoot was in a huge mansion and I mean huge. When I arrived the door was open but I couldn’t hear anyone, this was pretty weird (in a horror film story kind of way). I shouted hello but no one answered. There were no neighbours just this old mansion and plenty of woodlands outside. I tried phoning but there was no signal so I decided to walk through the mansion and hopefully I would at least hear a voice or something but I had no such luck.

I was truly freaked out at this stage and wasn’t sure what to do. At this point I couldn’t even make my way back to the front door as I was lost in this mansion. I then sat down and waited to be rescued. Within about 10 minutes I was found and rescued by one of the owners and taken to where I was going to style Natalie and Adam’s hair, phew.

I was one of the first to arrive so I decided to take all my hair equipment out and then chill. My assistant Louise was due to arrive any minute but I knew she would be late due to the mansion being off the radar.

Half an hour later Natalie and Adam arrived, followed by OK!, E4 and then my assistant.

This is the first time I met Natalie and Adam. I was recommended by Amanda Stocks from Exclusive PR. In fact Amanda set up the shoot and TV crew. I’m very grateful to Amanda for setting this up for me, for this reason I certainly didn’t mind styling hair on a bank holiday Monday.

Natalie and Adam are a really nice couple, very down to earth and generally lovely people. This made the shoot more enjoyable.

Natalie’s hair was fairly long with a lot of layers. I explained to Natalie that she needed to grow certain parts of her hair out and this would improve her style but for today I was just to style her hair in a few different ways, some with her hair up and some down.

The shoot was to take place outside but the day was filled with sunshine and also rain, this made it fairly difficult, the reason being if I was styling Natasha’s hair and then the rain stopped I would have to work really fast so the photographer and TV crew could start shooting, the pressure is usually worst for us hairdressers as sometimes we have to create art but really fast, all down to experience which I certainly have now.

The grounds of the mansion were very nice; this gave a lovely background for all the shots, hard on the hair because of the wind though.

The best scenery for the shots were at the end of the mansions very long pathway (in the woodlands). When I say long I mean a car journey long, when we arrived at the woodland area Natalie was asked to kneel in the mud in her dress (she was so accommodating). I backcombed her hair to give it that ‘I’m in the forest look’ and Adam was kneeling next to her. All of these shots looked great, especially with the amazing blue flowers in the background.

It was very cold at this point so I was looking forward to getting back to the mansion and I suspect so was Natalie and Adam and the rest of the crew.

This was the only shot where E4 decided not to film, not sure why but I feel they missed out the best part of the shoot.

The shoot finished around 7.30pm, I then packed my equipment away and drove home.

I look forward to styling Natalie’s hair again; she will be coming to my salon in the coming weeks along with E4 TV for more filming.

Bellow is the opening double page spread, then the last page with credits. I hope that Natalie and Adam like there spread. I thought it was a positive and well written story.

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